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Since the Nordiques left the NHL, Quebec City has been buzzing with excitement for its youth team: the Quebec Remparts. As field hockey fans, we’ve been to see them on several occasions. Here are my tips for getting to know the Remparts and attending a game, along with photos taken at our last match.

What league do the Québec Remparts play in?

The Quebec Remparts are one of 18 teams in the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League). Created in the 60s, this competition brings together the cream of young Quebec players, as well as English-speaking Canadians and a few foreign players.

The Quebec league also includes a number of out-of-province teams (e.g., Halifax Mooseheads, Moncton Wildcats…).

pregame remparts quebec
This photo was taken during a game between Quebec City and Chicoutimi.

The winners of the QMJHL qualify for the Memorial Cup to face the Canadian teams that won the other leagues in the country. This is a major event for field hockey fans.

The Remparts have won the Memorial Cup 6 times, most recently in 2006 and 2023.

What level can you expect at a Québec Remparts game?

The QMJHL has a very high standard. It’s one of the best youth leagues. In my research, I discovered that the Western League and the Ontario League are considered better. Nevertheless, the latest Memorial Cup results show that the Quebec teams are excellent.

Many of the players who perform well for the Remparts go on to become professionals. Some are currently playing in the NHL or in Europe.

As these are youth teams aged between 18 and 22, you’re following generations. Players arrive at the Remparts, spend one to four seasons with the team, then move on to “senior” teams. So, it’s common to have an excellent season with players coming to the end of their stint with their team, before experiencing a more difficult one with youngsters starting their cycle.

penalty remparts quebec
An end to the match decided by penalties…

Players don’t always go from a Canadian youth league to an NHL team, as Connor Bedard or Sidney Crosby did. Some move on to Europe or other leagues. For example, 2023 NHL winner and Finals MVP Jonathan Marchessault played 4 years with the Remparts, then 2 years in the AHL, before arriving in the NHL.

Which great players played for the Québec Remparts?

Guy LaFleur is the first name to mention. He’s a legend with the Quebec Remparts and the Montreal Canadiens. He played in the NHL from 1971 to 1991.

Like Guy LaFleur, other Remparts players have had the honor of having their numbers retired (no longer will any player be able to wear their number). This is an important tribute. Here’s the list:

  • Guy Chouinard
  • Réal Cloutier
  • André Savard
  • Simon Gagné
  • Aleksandr Radoulov
  • Marc-Edouard Vlasic.

In addition to these players and Jonathan Marchessault, I can mention Anthony Duclair, Josh Hennessy and Angelo Esposito.

What hall does the Québec Remparts play in?

Quebec City is doing everything it can to bring back the Nordiques. A large arena, the Centre Vidéotron, was even built in 2015. But, for the moment, it’s the Quebec Remparts who plays on its ice.

arena videotron
The Remparts are currently playing in the large and magnificent Centre Videotron (19,000 seats).

The hall is magnificent, worthy of the best ice rinks in North America. It can accommodate up to 19,000 spectators. With a large square in front of the arena, wide walkways, numerous refreshment stands, a giant screen above the ice, comfortable seats and a good view from all seats, conditions are exceptional for a QMJHL team.

Center Vidéotron is located on boulevard Wilifrid-Hamel, in the borough of La Cité-Limoilou. It’s easily accessible by car. Amélie and I take the metrobus from Saint-Sacrement, and the direct route takes between 30 and 40 minutes. Getting in and out of the arena is a breeze.

How much do tickets to the Québec Remparts cost?

So far, I’ve only seen regular-season games where all tickets were $23. There may be some differences for big games like the play-offs. It’s a reasonable price. I paid a few dollars more to attend the Rouge et Or football games at Laval University.

Which seats to choose in the arena?

If you’re lucky enough to have a choice, I’d advise you to be in the lowest ring of the Centre Vidéotron. Then, ideally, choose the middle of the ice, around the 15e row. This location allows you to feel the dynamism on the ice, while having a view of the whole.

But, as I said earlier, the Centre Vidéotron is a beautiful building. Even when you’re behind the goals and up high, you have a good view of the players.

What kind of crowds and atmosphere can you expect at the Centre Vidéotron?

The atmosphere is very changeable, depending on the year, the results and the stakes.

The photos in this article were taken at the start of the regular season, when the Quebec Remparts were performing poorly. There were between 4,000 and 6,000 spectators. The atmosphere was decent, but the arena sounded a little hollow.

remparts quebec game
With such a capacity, 5,000 spectators give the impression that the stands are empty.

However, for its final games in 2023, the Memorial Cup-winning team managed to fill the Centre Vidéotron. Over 19,000 spectators turned out for a junior field hockey league game, and the atmosphere was excellent.

What stores and amenities are available during a Québec Remparts game?

I find the setting professional and in keeping with the arena. As soon as you enter the rink, you’re treated to some great entertainment. For the last game I saw, there was a singer and a pumpkin drawing workshop (it was just before Halloween).

food remparts quebec
There’s no shortage of refreshment stands. A few dollars less on the prices would be a good idea.

Then there’s a wide choice of refreshment stands and stalls. There’s plenty to eat and drink. Prices are pretty high for a junior league game. Two small bottles of Pepsi cost $13 and you have to pay a similar price to eat a pizza. That’s close to the prices we saw in the Vegas Golden Knights arena…

Several stands selling Remparts jerseys and goodies are dotted around the Centre Vidéotron. I haven’t cracked yet, but if I become a regular, I’ll probably end up with a cap or a jersey.

Quebec Remparts FAQ

How long does a Québec Remparts game last?

A field hockey match lasts 3×20 minutes. But with stoppages and breaks between periods, the game lasts longer. Count on around 2h30.

Do I need to book my tickets in advance?

It depends on the season. For regular-season games, you can buy your tickets on the day. For important play-off matches, book as soon as possible to get good seats.

Are the seats numbered?

Yes, you must sit in the seats indicated on your ticket. When the arena is not very full, there’s nothing to stop you changing seats during the match if you notice better empty seats…

Where can I buy Quebec Remparts tickets?

I always buy them on the official platform. Official tickets are sold on Ticketmaster:

Is there a Kiss Cam at Remparts games?

Yes, we even witnessed a marriage proposal. The giant screen also broadcasts images of the best dancers during game breaks. The whole thing makes for a more enjoyable break.

Is there a tailgate before Remparts games?

Not always. The tailgate (pregame party with food and drink stalls) is organized before matches and special events.  But, if you arrive early, you can eat and drink in several bars and restaurants close to the venue.

What is the level of security around the Centre Vidétron?

You’re in Quebec City, not Los Angeles or Paris.  I have no fears in the city. The low police presence around the Centre Vidétron is proof that the games take place in a safe environment. I can imagine some fans getting into a fight in the stands, but it’s always (almost always) good-natured.

Do I have to know field hockey to love it?

It’s best to know the basic rules. Nevertheless, field hockey is an entertaining and spectacular sport. So even if you don’t watch it regularly, you’ll enjoy a Remparts game.

How can I find out the dates of upcoming Québec Remparts games?

The Remparts calendar is available on the League website: You can also follow the team’s Facebook page:


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