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Since 2017, there is a NHL franchise (the American ice hockey championship) in Las Vegas: the Golden Knights. With my wife, we saw a game against the Buffalo Sabres during our last trip to Las Vegas.

What did we think of it? And more importantly, what advice can we give you if you want to see an ice hockey game in Las Vegas?

The Vegas Golden Knights, an NHL Team

The Golden Knights play in the NHL, the best hockey league in the world. If, like us, you were used to the European games or other US leagues, expect to be riveted by the game. The speed, the power, the precision of the passes and the shots… The level of play is impressive!

How much did I pay for my Vegas Golden Knights tickets?

For an early-season game against Buffalo, we paid about $150 per seat. Our seats were not the best since we were behind a cage in one of the highest rows.

We had no trouble finding seats. We booked them two months before the game, but there were still seats available on the day.

However, this availability is not guaranteed when the Knights are hosting big teams or when the game is important for the standing.


Where is T-Mobile Arena located in Las Vegas?

Taking a hotel on or near the Strip is preferable in Las Vegas because you are close to the main attractions. The T-Mobile Arena proves it again. The Arena is located close to the New York-New York and MGM hotels.

Staying at the Venetian, it took us 30 minutes to walk. It is possible to take an Uber or a cab and get dropped off at the corner.

The Arena can hold over 17,000 spectators.

How easy is it to park around the T-Mobile Arena?

There is a parking lot next to the Arena, and you can also find paid parking lots in the area. However, since the rush of people after the game brings a lot of people to the surrounding streets, it is best to come on foot or by Uber.

How long to come before the game?

For a game at 7p.m., the doors of the Arena opened at 5:45p.m. It’s nice to come earlier because there is entertainment with a music group and a pre-game show next to the T-Mobile Arena.

Inside the arena, there are other events (the “Knight Time”) 30 minutes before the game.

So, if you just want to see the game, you can take your seat 30 minutes before the game with peace of mind. But, if you want to enjoy all there is to see and do before the game, come at least one hour before.

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Review on my Golden Knights game

My seats in the T-Mobile Arena

We had chosen to take some of the cheaper seats, and it was a pleasant surprise. Even at the highest rows, we had a very good view of the arena.

Seating is easy and you have staff to guide you if needed. Being in the US, the seats are wide. For a tall guy like me (6.3 ft), it’s nice to be able to fit in a full house. Trust me, I am not as comfortable as I was in French soccer stadiums!

Entering the Arena

To enter the Arena, we had to install the Flash Seats application on our phones. Currently, they seem to use another application (AWS). The seats were available on it. When you enter, someone scans your phone.

This application also allows you to transfer seats and favors the resale market. It’s convenient if you have to cancel at the last minute or on the contrary, if you want to buy tickets a few hours before the game.

The entrance to the rink is remarkably smooth. Within minutes, thousands of spectators enter through dozens of doors and checkpoints.

The pregame and the show around “Las Vegas Born”

Golden Knights NHL pre-game show

Las Vegas is a recent city and many criticize it for not having a history. The creation of the ice hockey franchise is accompanied by a communication policy based on “Las Vegas Born”. The objective is to show that a real community is born and lives in the city, and that it is not just a city for tourists.

As a result, a Golden Knights wave is felt in the city with jerseys on sale everywhere. The pregame show is also riding that wave. There is music, a marching band and an impressive pre-game ritual with a gigantic knight’s helmet landing on the ice.

Food and Beverages during the Game

Worried about getting hungry during the game? Don’t worry about your stomach, worry about your wallet. There are a lot of food and beverage shops inside the rink. There are also beer vendors in the stands, but expect to pay $16 for a small beer.

And, if they ask you if you want them to open your beer, don’t think they’re just being helpful. It’s a few seconds task that increases the price of beers.

Las Vegas hockey match at T-Mobile Arena

The Golden Knights vs. Buffalo Game

I’m not going to summarize the ice hockey game for you. We witnessed a great victory of the Vegas Golden Knights. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, the player’s skills are impressive and even if you have only watched NHL games on your TV, you will be surprised by the speed and strenght of the players.

With my wife, we even hesitated to take tickets for the next game, but ultimately chose to spend our last night in Vegas staying at your hotel. I don’t regret it, but if I go back to Vegas and the Golden Knights are playing, I will definitely go to see them!

The End of the Game and the Exit of the Arena

Like the entrance, the exit was seamless. It took us two minutes to leave our seats and find ourselves outside. A few fans were celebrating at the nearby bars, but most of the crowd was hurrying back in.

We did the same, stopping at a restaurant on the way. The prices of the food inside the rink had turned us off and we were hungry.

Security around the Arena

One small point I would like to mention: the security around the Arena was top-notch. In fact, there were few police officers because few are needed. It’s a surprise for French people like us. We are used to seeing a lot of policemen in front of the stadium before and after soccer games. Fights between fans or against the police sometimes happen.

The arena is not located in a bad part of Las Vegas, but on the busiest part of the Strip. So you can go there safely.


In conclusion, if you are traveling to Las Vegas and you like sports, book your tickets for a Golden Knights’ game. You won’t be disappointed!


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