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Probably the most famous street after Las Vegas Boulevard, Freemont Street attracts many tourists. The reason for this popularity is the Freemont Street Experience.

Find out what it’s all about, what to do and our opinion after a mid-day visit (which was clearly not a good idea).

Freemont Street Experience: what is the concept?

Freemont Street Experience takes place on Freemont Street. This street is unique in Las Vegas.

Pedestrian, it is covered by a roof screen of almost 500 meters which broadcasts visuals and light shows during the day, and a real light show at night.

On this street, you will find some of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas as the Golden Gate Hotel opened in 1906.

However, what made this street famous is not its design or its traditional casinos, but its entertainment.

Throughout the day, street shows take place in Freemont. Attractions are available and most importantly, many evenings and weekends become non-stop parties.


What are the activities of the Freemont Street Experience?

There are many types of activities available during your Freemont Street Experience.

In the streets, you have constantly dancers, magicians, comedians, musicians, chippendales and show-girls (women with few clothes who offer you pictures in exchange for a (very) big tip) …

zipline freemont street experience
Slotzilla Zipline, a unique zip line in Las Vegas!

You also have attractions. The main one is the Slotzilla Zipline. It’s a big zip line that makes you pass over the passers-by and under the roof of the street. Adrenaline is guaranteed. The shortest course, Fly Zip-Zilla, is $54, while the longest, Fly Super-Hero Zoom, is $74.

The Freemont Street Experience is also about enjoying free concerts. Regularly, bands take the stage in the middle of the street and play all night long. Events such as St. Patrick’s Day also give rise to large parties.

The screen itself is a real attraction. At night, an impressive visual show is provided by its 16 million pixels! I have only seen it on video and it looks beautiful. The name of this show is “Viva Vision“.

giant screen freemont street experience
In the evening, the gigantic screen comes to life even more!

Finally, you have the classic Las Vegas activities like casino games, bars and restaurants. The most famous restaurant on the street is Heart Attack Grill, a restaurant that punishes you if you don’t eat huge amounts of burgers!

As for the casinos, the most mythical is probably Binion’s Gambling Hall.

Who is the audience for the Freemont Street Experience?

Everyone can have fun at Freemont Street. However, you have two different worlds between the daytime and nighttime audiences.

During the day, you find a lot of couples, foreign tourists and sometimes families.

At night, the party attracts young people and all those who like to have fun, drink, dance and end the night with another woman or man.

But, without being condescending, it is rather a party for the middle and working classes (and I belong to the first category). You’re more likely to hear a rock concert, see strippers in thongs and young people throwing up their alcohol excesses, than to hear an opera, admire beautiful women in evening wear while sipping Napa Valley wine.

Is admission to Freemont Street free?

Yes! Because Freemont Street is a street, it is accessible to everyone for free. In addition, most of the nightly events and concerts are free.

How long does the Freemont Street Experience last?

The answer is impossible. If, like us, you walk during the day and the place doesn’t enchant you, you’ll go through the street in twenty minutes.

But, if you like concerts and parties, you can go there every night and stay for hours.

Where is Freemont Street located in Las Vegas?

Freemont Street is in North Las Vegas, in the part of the city that is often called “Downtown Las Vegas”.

location freemont street experience
Freemont Street is north of the city of Las Vegas.

Is Freemont Street a long street?

The Freemont Street Experience is 0.8 miles long.

What are the hours of the Freemont Street Experience?

The street is open all the time. However, the Viva Vision (the giant screen that is turned on) takes place every night from 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Can I walk to Freemont Street from the Strip?

It all depends on your hotel in Las Vegas. If you are staying at a Downtown Las Vegas hotel, you can.

From The Strat Hotel, the path is already close to 2 miles and goes through neighborhoods where your safety is not always assured. So the best thing to do is to take a cab, an Uber or even the bus.

From famous hotels like Paris Las Vegas, Bellagio, The Venetian or Caesars Palace, the distance is between 4 and 5 miles. That’s a 15-minute drive when traffic is good.

Can we sleep near the Freemont Street Experience?

Yes, of course. Several hotels are on Freemont Street or close by. Without being exhaustive, I can mention:

  • Golden Nugget
  • Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
  • The D Casino & Hotel
  • Four Queens Hotel and Casino
  • Circa Resort & Casino
  • El Cortez Hotel and Casino
casino freemont street
We went to Golden Nugget, a mythical hotel on Freemont Street.

I forget many! In addition to their location near a party place, these hotels also have the advantage of being cheaper than those in the middle of the Strip. But, aside from the Freemont Street Experience, the city’s entertainment often requires transportation.

So, think carefully about the activities you want to do in Las Vegas to determine if a hotel in this part of town is a good idea or not.

Is Freemont Street a safe street?

Freemont Street is a safe street. Of course, every night the thousands of tourists and the abuse of alcohols can create problems, but there are plenty of police. So there is no more risk on Freemont Street than on Las Vegas Boulevard.

On the other hand, the streets around are less safe. Moreover, if you follow the events (murders, assaults…) in Las Vegas, you will notice that many of them take place at the north and east of Freemont. So, if you can, avoid going too far from the main street, especially at night.

Why do I advise you to do the Freemont Street Experience at night?

Amélie and I had planned shows, concerts and sports games for the majority of our nights in Las Vegas. But, since we had never seen Freemont Street, we chose to visit it during the weekday after a museum visit.

freemont street during daylight
During the day, there were few tourists, but a lot of noise.

The difference between a weekday and a weekend evening is huge. Walking in an almost deserted street, we were stopped several times to be canvassed by look-alikes, crooks posing as associations or beggars. The music was loud, while nothing was happening. It was strange.

There was a rather entertaining show of street dancers. They were the only ones who brought a positive atmosphere. Sure, the zip line was available and the casinos were open, but we clearly didn’t want to stay there long.

Conversely, my brother-in-law who went at night remembered Freemont Street Experience as his best moment in Las Vegas. He loved the eccentricity, the freedom, the party and the music. He would rather sleep there than at the Aria!

stage freemont street experience
This stage often hosts free concerts.

My character is such that I would never love this street as much as he does. However, visiting it during the day without going there at night is a waste. One day on a busy weekend is the minimum.  Don’t be like us and live in the real Freemont Street Experience, made of concerts and excess!

What to do around Freemont Street?

Downtown Las Vegas has many fun things to do. You can visit:

  • The Mob Museum: the most visited museum in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas History Museum: an educational museum appreciated by children
  • The Neon Museum: neon lights and illuminated signs to discover, if possible, at night
  • Discovery Children’s Museum: a children’s museum that gets a lot of good reviews
  • Gold & Silver Pawn Shop: the Harrison’s store, the most famous pawnshop family in the world
  • Zak Bagans: The Haunted Museum
  • Las Vegas Premium North Outlets: a great place to buy designer clothes at low prices!


Freemont Street Experience is a perfect example of the magic of Las Vegas. If you stay several days, I can only recommend that you go there. But, don’t do what we did: visit the street at night instead of during the day!


As a professional blogger, I take advantage of my flexible schedule to travel a lot. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!