Who are we?

My name is Amélie. I am the creator of this travel blog.

He is Denis. He comes regularly on this blog to share with you a part of our travels. As a sports fan, he loves to share the matches we attend regularly.

Both of us are very active. Since we have known each other in 2014, we have moved several times in France. Originally from the “Centre” region, we resided in “Bretagne”, then in Nantes before succumbing to the charm of the mountains. We’ve lived in Savoy for four years.

After a trip to the United States for our honeymoon, followed a few months later by a vacation in Canada, our desire to travel has only grown.

For us, having a happy life does not mean having a life in which everything is planned. We want more. Now that we are both self-employed, we can combine work and travel.

After a year and a half of Covid, we have started to travel again. Back in Orleans, at 1 hour from Paris, we take advantage of this central place to discover other regions of France. We can take the plane/train easily to European destinations and beyond from Paris.

Why this travel blog?

This travel blog is a kind of travel book of our different past and future stays. With our desires of discoveries, we share with you our experiences in France as well as abroad.

Other articles are dedicated to the preparation of trips: plane tickets, car rental, hotel reservations, purchase of equipment and accessories… We write about our own experience in all the practical aspects of travel organization.