You are currently viewing Cirque Éloize’s “Entre Ciel et Mer”: a magnificent show!

Always on the lookout for things to do in Quebec City, we went to see Cirque Éloize at the Théâtre du Capitole. While we were hoping for a good time, we were surprised, because it was more than “good”!

When I came out, one word came to mind to sum up the show “Entre Ciel et Mer”: poetic.

Entre Ciel et Mer: a show on the theme of the Magdalen Islands

“Entre Ciel et Mer” is defined as an acrobatic and musical tale.

The troupe is made up of :

  • 6 acrobats from Cirque Éloize
  • 3 musicians and singers from Groupe Suroît
  • 1 storyteller (Cédric Landry).

The storyteller recounts scenes from life on the Magdalen Islands, an archipelago in the center of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Its geography and sparse population make this a special place in Quebec. The scenes tell the story of its history and special features.

The storyteller recounts episodes such as the end of his father’s life, the isolation of the village in the middle of winter, a wedding party or the construction of the church. As he speaks, or afterwards, the acrobats translate these scenes into numbers. Of course, they don’t mime a fishing trip, but they can dance during the wedding party or perform acrobatics in symbiosis with the music band.

Indeed, the Suroît group will be providing the ambience for the show. They are three musicians and singers. Using a wide range of instruments (guitar, fiddle, harmonica…), they play traditional music.

A wonderful, poetic moment

Before going to the show, the notion of “storytelling” had escaped me. I was expecting more acrobatic prowess and more of the usual circus acts. But instead of clowns and strings of unrelated performers, you get a real story.

cirque eloize ciel mer
Acrobats, musicians and storytellers, the artists take us on a voyage of discovery of the Magdalen Islands.

The young acrobats are good. They juggle, do aerial acrobatics, ride a unicycle, dance a few choreographed routines… There are no missteps, and their joy at being there is infectious. Admittedly, having seen and adored several Cirque du Soleil shows, the “level” is not comparable. But I’m not talking about the skills of the artists, but rather the number of people on stage, the sets, the dimensions… Cirque Éloize is a small, quality troupe with limited means, whereas Cirque du Soleil is a multinational show business operating in the world’s biggest venues.

To sum up my opinion of the acrobats in the “Entre Ciel et Mer” show, they were beautiful and a pleasure to watch, even if the acts remain classic.

The setting, however, blew me away. First of all, the group of musicians fulfilled their role perfectly. With their music, they bring the show to life. Between the three of them, the sound ambiance is assured. As new immigrants to the country, listening to a bit of traditional folklore was a wonderful discovery. Some of their songs are on YouTube.

I should also point out that the musicians benefited from the sound quality of the venue. The Théâtre du Capitole is a small venue in Quebec City, ideally designed for concerts. We were in the balcony and could hear the music without any sound problems.

theater capitole quebec
The Capitole Theatre boasts excellent acoustics.

But my favorite part of the show was Cédric Landry. He’s an excellent storyteller. His tone is perfect. He’s a teacher telling you the history of the Magdalen Islands, then a nostalgic recounting of his youth on the islands, a child saddened by the death of his father, an enthusiastic witness to the building of a church…

I can’t remember the last time I heard a storyteller. I must have been young. So the moment was a surprise and a real thrill.


In conclusion, I can say that “Entre Ciel et Mer” brightened up my Sunday afternoon. Beautiful, touching and poetic, I wasn’t expecting so many emotions from such a modest show. I can only recommend that you discover it. As for me, I have no doubt that I’ll be booking my tickets as soon as the next Cirque Éloize or Cédric Landry show is announced in Quebec City.

FAQ about Cirque Éloize’s “Entre Ciel et Mer” show

How much do tickets to a Cirque Éloize show cost?

For two seats in the balcony, we paid 103 Canadian dollars (including taxes).

For “Entre Ciel et Mer” performances in Canada, the prices I saw were often around $50/ticket.

For performances in France, prices were similar: €30 to €40.

For dates and prices, visit the Cirque Eloize website.

“Is Entre Ciel et Mer suitable for children?

Many children were present in the room. If your child is a dreamer who enjoys stories or music, he’ll love it. If they have trouble keeping still in the silence, can’t concentrate and are hoping for madness, they’ll be bored. In my opinion, this is a show that appeals more to adults than to children.

How long does Cirque Éloize’s Entre Ciel et Mer last?

The show lasts about 1h15. There is no intermission.

Are there any other Cirque Eloize shows?

Yes, the list can be consulted on this page:

Can I take photos during the show?

No. That’s why I didn’t take any photos apart from greeting the artists at the end of the show. I’d have liked to show you some nice photos of the acrobatics, but I preferred to respect the instructions given at the start of the show.


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