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If you’ve got a trip planned to Las Vegas and you’re on the fence about renting a car, here are 13 arguments that might convince you to make a reservation. They are based on my experience (3 trips to Las Vegas).

Sometimes enormous savings!

In Las Vegas, hotels are my biggest expense. But Uber fees are my second. Walking in Las Vegas isn’t always pleasant because of the crowds, the heat and the lack of safety on the streets. As a result, you’re forced to travel by vehicle every day.

But cab fares are rising fast. To go from the north of the Strip to the south, you need to pay at least $20. This sum quickly rises to $40 if you make your request during a busy period or take a longer trip.

In just one round trip, you’re approaching the price of booking a vehicle for the day. Yet you haven’t benefited from any of the following advantages.

The freedom to go where you want

The car is an assurance of freedom. You are autonomous. You go where you want. Such a sense of freedom is a godsend on vacation.

A definite Timesaver

Las Vegas is a city with plenty of cabs and VTC drivers. Nevertheless, there is often a small waiting time for the driver to come to you.

What’s more, getting to the area reserved for drivers sometimes requires a detour. This is particularly true at the airport.

roads las vegas
In the suburbs, having a car is a considerable time saver.

Some areas are also underserved. Cabs aren’t allowed to stop outside defined areas to pick up customers, and Uber drivers like to stay in the busiest areas. So, if you’re looking for a ride from the suburbs of Las Vegas, the wait can sometimes run into tens of minutes…

Having your car available in front of your rental or in the hotel’s underground parking lot is a real time-saver.

Less stress and fatigue

Ordering an Uber ride is always a little stressful. You have to make sure you know exactly where you are, reserve the right vehicle, has a continuous connection to follow the driver’s progress, spot the car among all those arriving, deftly stow your luggage, and then you spend a while in a vehicle with a stranger.

If you choose to take a cab, many disadvantages remain, and you have to add the fear that the cab will make a detour to increase the bill.

When you own your own rental car in Las Vegas, these worries go out the window. The road is wide. You drive stress-free.

A totally free agenda

A rented car is available whenever you want it. There are no time constraints. You can drive out of town in the evening to admire the stars over the desert, and return at 3 a.m. with no problem.

Without a car, only downtown Las Vegas is richly endowed with cabs and VTCs.

Possible excursions around Las Vegas

If you’re coming to Las Vegas for 3 or 4 days, you’ll probably stay in the city for your entire stay for activities. But as soon as your stay lengthens, excursions become pleasant options.

rented car las vegas
With a rental car, you can make excursions to the Grand Canyon.

Within a few hours’ drive, you can go as far as the Grand Canyon, Death Valley or Hoover Dam. Don’t hesitate to visit small towns around Las Vegas like Boulder.

Without a car, you’re forced to juggle the rare offers of guided excursions or bus services.

More safety in a city that lacks it

The United States is once again a dangerous place. The decades of calm in Las Vegas are no more. With stays spaced 12 years apart, I’ve noticed that the few dangerous neighborhoods have become almost the norm. There are even places, close to The Strat hotel, that the police recommend avoiding.

But, even more annoyingly, these safety problems are spreading all over the city. Homeless people and drug addicts can be found on most streets perpendicular to the Strip.

With a car, you’ll spend less time walking the streets and more time getting back into the safety of your rental car.

Shopping and errands without limits

When I go to Las Vegas, I always shop in the outlets. But, since I come in Uber, I can never buy everything I want. With a rental car, you can drive back and forth to the vehicle while shopping and fill the whole car.

Grocery shopping is equally straightforward. Around the main hotels, you’ll find only convenience stores like CVCs. They have little choice and high prices.

With a rental car, you can quickly and easily visit Whole Foods or Walmart.

The pleasure of driving a beautiful American car

Driving a car other than your own can become an enjoyable activity. This is even truer when the range of the rented car is superior to the one you drive on a daily basis. A nice SUV or racing car becomes a leisure activity.

Since car rental prices in the U.S. are affordable, succumbing to this desire won’t cost you a fortune.

Living a real American life

This argument echoes some of what I’ve written previously. Since you’re free, you can get out of town, go to the stores or to the activities of your choice, you live a real local life. You’re no longer content with the Strip. You adopt behaviors that locals have. It’s the best way to truly live like an American on vacation.

A wide choice of cars to rent

Hundreds of models are available for rent in Las Vegas. Just take a look at the reservation sites to find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a small car, a sedan, an SUV, a sports car, a Hummer or a van for a large family, you’re spoiled for choice.

A surprisingly easy place to get to by car

As a Frenchman, I’m used to expecting hell when I drive in big cities. If I found such a problem in Los Angeles, I drove without any problem in Las Vegas.

The roads are wide and traffic flow is, except during periods of major roadworks, good. I remember arriving from Death Valley to return my rental car at the airport, and not encountering a single slowdown.

map strip las vegas
My advice: avoid the Strip at the end of the day and on weekends.

My little local tip (given by Uber drivers) is to avoid driving on the Strip as much as possible, especially at the end of the day. Take the parallel streets, and if you’re traveling north to south on this street, opt for I-15. It’s much faster.

Better access to rentals than hotels

For me, there are two options to consider when staying in Las Vegas:

  • Sleep in a beautiful hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard and mix in car rentals for the day and Uber rides. This way, you avoid the cost of parking your vehicle at the hotel.
  • Stay in a magnificent villa in a residential suburb and book a rental car for the entire stay.

I’ve never tried this second solution, but several acquaintances have chosen it and loved it. On AirBnb, they rented a magnificent house with a pool, games room and several bedrooms for the same price as my hotel room at the Bellagio. Then, whenever they wanted to go out, they took their rental car.

In the end, their budget was similar to mine, but with a totally different lifestyle. Renting a house has important advantages, such as the possibility of being in a group, having a kitchen or being quiet around a private pool…


Renting a car in Las Vegas is a great idea. It makes your trip easier and more complete. Don’t forget to reserve your car online, and pick it up on arrival at the airport.

Finally, here are my tips for saving money on your car rental in Las Vegas:

  • Book via online comparators for easy rate comparisons
  • Return your car to the original rental agency to avoid abandonment charges
  • Take your own GPS (those rented from agencies are very expensive).
  • Include parking costs in your expenses estimates
  • Check that unlimited mileage is included, as well as the amount of the handling fee.
  • Refuse upgrades if the employee suggests one
  • Be sure to fill up the car before returning it.


As a professional blogger, I take advantage of my flexible schedule to travel a lot. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!