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When I travel to Las Vegas, I like to include museum visits among my activities. The city has many of them and they are regularly renewed. During our last stay, we visited a museum recently installed at the Luxor Hotel: King Tut’s Tomb.

Discover what the museum contains, all the important information before going there, as well as my opinion on the activity.

What kind of museum is King Tut’s Tomb?

King Tut’s Tomb Museum is a cultural museum dedicated to ancient Egypt. More precisely, the objective is to make you relive the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. Indeed, “King Tut’s” is the abbreviated name given by the Americans to the one also called “Tutankhamen” or “Tutankhamun”.

This Egyptian pharaoh lived between 1345 and 1327 BC. He is not the most important pharaoh in the history of Egypt, yet we all know his name. Why? Because his tomb was discovered and it was full of treasures.

In the Valley of the Kings, opposite the city of Luxor (you can see why the hotel is the best place to host this museum!), Egyptologist Howard Carter found the tomb on November 4, 1922.

Nearly 100 years after this major discovery, Las Vegas and this museum are honoring it. The visitor relives this historic moment.


What are the exhibits at King Tut’s Tomb Museum in Las Vegas?

You begin the museum tour with a mix of information about ancient Egypt and the lives of treasure seekers. With my school lessons now long gone, relearning some facts about the Egyptians, a considerable civilization, is always fun.

Information is given through signs, videos and, of course, artifacts. For an additional fee, you can take an audio guide. We didn’t do it.

One room is dedicated to the process of mummifying the bodies. On a screen, all the steps are explained.

After this first part of the exhibition, you enter the heart of the matter. You enter a room where a reproduction of the tomb of Tutankhamen is present. Majestic, gilded (but obviously not in gold), it impresses. Take the time to look at the engravings.

After the tomb, you have reproductions of some of the treasures discovered by Howard Carter in the antechamber. Then, the centerpiece of King Tut’s Tomb Museum is the mummy.

golden mummy king tut
All the layers of the mummy of Tutankhamen are reproduced.

You can see the different layers of gold that sheltered the body of Tutankhamun. Held up high, they can be admired perfectly. Sure, the burial chamber of the museum has nothing to do with the magic that surrounded the real tomb, but the light and the calmness of the museum allow you to take your time and enjoy it.

The final exhibit in King Tut’s Tomb Museum is the funerary mask of Tutankhamen.

funerary mask king tut tomb
The funerary mask is perhaps the most famous reproduction in the museum.

Then, you finish by the museum store.

Where is the King Tut’s Tomb Museum?

King Tut’s Tomb Museum is in the Luxor Hotel. It is right next to the hotel’s other museums: Titanic The Artefact Exhibition and Bodies.

Geographically, Luxor Hotel is on the south side of Las Vegas Boulevard, just before the Mandalay Bay. From the outside, you can easily recognize the hotel since its entrance is a gigantic pyramid.

How much does King Tut’s Tomb Museum cost?

museum tickets king tut tomb
$30 per adult, a fee that seems a bit high for the length of the visit.

The prices for a visit to King Tut’s Tomb Museum in Las Vegas are:

  • $30 for adults
  • $20 for children.

There are some extras such as an audio guide, a souvenir photo or a virtual reality experience. The latter is done at the very end of the tour and puts you in the footsteps of the archaeologists when they entered Tutankhamen’s tomb.

These can be purchased on site at the Luxor Museum desk, not in the museum store. On busy days, a few minutes in line is not impossible. On slow days, the purchase is quick.

entrance king tut museum
The entrance to the museum is at the back of the store.

Check out the current price on Viator.

What are the hours of operation for King Tut’s Tomb Museum?

King Tut’s Tomb is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission is possible until 7:00 p.m.

This is a permanent museum. Unless there is a lack of attendance, it should remain for years at the Luxor Hotel.

Do many visitors go to King Tut’s Tomb Museum?

As it is a new museum, many curious people like to discover it. Moreover, placed next to other museums, it allows them to make several cultural visits in a row without moving.

However, it is not one of the most popular activities in Las Vegas. While visiting it in the late morning, we did not meet many visitors. This is a good thing since the museum is quite small so you can admire the objects without being embarrassed.

No doubt on the hottest or busiest days in Las Vegas there is an increase in visitors.

How long does a visit to King Tut’s Tomb last?

The tour of King Tut’s Tomb is relatively short. We took about 30 minutes, taking our time.

Did we enjoy the visit to King Tut’s Tomb Museum?

First of all, while the Luxor Hotel is not the best hotel in Las Vegas, I find that its atmosphere makes it ideal for cultural visits. Close to the museum, you are in a quiet place, can admire the magnificent elevators of the pyramid and feel comfortable to buy the tickets and start the visit of the museum.

From the outside, the museum looks tiny. Be optimistic. While the tour is quite short, the whole place is surprisingly large. You see a lot in a short time. However, I think the price is high for the length of the visit.

The exhibits are beautiful. Since they are reproductions, they don’t have the charm of real ancient Egyptian pieces like the ones you can see in the Paris Museum, the Louvre. However, in terms of learning, the museum is very well organized. Whether you are an adult history buff or not, or a child, you will love what you see at King Tut’s Tomb.

Whether it’s about the dynasties of the Pharaohs, the customs of the Pharaohs, the construction of the tombs, mummification or the adventure that led to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb, you’ll learn a lot.

The museum is generous with information panels and videos. When it’s not crowded, don’t take an audio guide. Read the panels and watch the videos. That is more than enough.

tank king tut tomb
The tank is one of the major objects of the museum.

The further you go into the museum, the more impressive the objects become. The antechamber and the burial chamber are the key places of King Tut’s Tomb exhibition.

In conclusion, you have a good time during the visit of this Las Vegas Museum. It was not my favorite place on our last trip, and the tour is still short for the price.

However, you have a nice exhibition with pieces that follow each other in a logical way. Sometimes you are amazed by the reproductions, sometimes surprised by an Egyptian custom.

The visit is entertaining, and you come out more educated than when you entered. That’s all I ask of a museum!

Besides King Tut’s Tomb, what other museums should you visit in Las Vegas?

While I didn’t like Bodies at the Luxor Hotel, I did enjoy the Titanic Museum located right next to King Tut’s Tomb. It is worth doing both visits in a row.

Otherwise, when I compare my opinions with Amélie’s, we are unanimous on our top 3 Las Vegas museums:

  • Tussauds Museum at The Venetian: our article shows how much fun it is!
  • The Mob Museum: THE most famous museum in Las Vegas (see our article The Mob Museum)
  • National Atomic Testing Museum: a cheap and fascinating museum about nuclear testing in Nevada. Our opinion on this museum is very positive.


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