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Las Vegas is full of activities, and among them, we really enjoyed the ones that allow us to see a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding desert. After a helicopter ride and a climb of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel, we went to the top of the Stratosphere Tower.

The Stratosphere Tower and the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

The Stratosphere, recently renamed “The Strat Hotel”, is a casino hotel in Las Vegas. Several buildings host the rooms and the casino. Adjacent to it, there is a very tall tower named “Stratosphere Tower”.

This hotel is located on the main street of Las Vegas, the Strip, but further north than the nerve center of the Strip. So, from the Bellagio, you have almost 3 miles of distance.

Amélie and I were able to walk to the Stratosphere when we stayed at the “Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip” (yeah, that’s a big name!). This part of the Strip is a bit old-fashioned, less crowded, and less festive. Nevertheless, there are still some attractions to do and the Stratosphere is one of the best.

If I don’t recommend you to sleep in the Strat Hotel (I never slept there, but the reviews are mixed or negative), the simple fact of going up to the top of the tower of the hotel is worth the detour.

It is 1,149 ft high (350 meters). It is the highest tower in Las Vegas. It is more than double the size of the miniature Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel. It’s impressive and you can see it from anywhere in Las Vegas.

Built in 1996 with a somewhat futuristic design, it remains modern today.


Possible activities at the top of the Stratosphere Tower

Observation from the SkyPod

The simplest activity, and the one we did, is to take a ticket to go up the tower. This activity is named on the hotel’s website “SkyPod Observation Deck Experience”.

You find yourself at the top of the tower in the open air and can observe the landscape at 360 degrees. Fixed binoculars allow you to get a better view by sliding a coin into them.

This simple observation is the most impressive. It is, however, possible to see a nice view upstairs without going outside. Large windows and seats make the experience pleasant.

view from stratosphere
View of the Strip from the Stratosphere with the Bellagio buildings in the background.

The opening hours are from 10a.m. to 1a.m. For an additional fee, there are rides available on this floor. They are only available when the weather is good, which is most of the year when you are in a hot desert…

They are not moving rides like the roller coaster at the New-York New-York (another Las Vegas hotel), but a slow descent or a light flyover at 1,149 ft high; it’s not for everyone.

Besides, even if I wasn’t afraid of my Las Vegas flight helicopter, I didn’t dare to try the attraction… and Amélie was in the same state of mind!

The price to go up to the top of the Stratosphere Tower is $20/ticket. You pay your ticket either online or at the ticket office at the bottom of the hotel, then you take the elevator for more than 100 floors.

Bungee jumping from the top of the Stratosphere

Do you love adrenaline? It is possible to bungee jump from the top of the tower. We didn’t do it, but we saw a woman try it. Despite the height, she did not tremble.

However, jumping into the void at this height, you must dare!

The price of the bungee jump is $129 for the simple jump, $146 with a photo taken at the moment of the fall, $167 with an onboard camera.

I strongly recommend that you book your ” SkyJump ” in advance if you are only in Las Vegas for a few days. Indeed, the demand is high for this activity.

Rides on top of the Stratosphere

As previously explained, there are rides available at the top of the Tower. They are part of the “Thrill Ride” activities.

beautiful view on stratosphere tower
Riding a ride with this view is unique!

You have:

  • The Big Shot, a nearly 70 mph climb through the air before quickly dropping back down.
  • The Insanity, the most frightening, in my opinion. You are in a seat at the end of an articulated arm, and you turn with the head slightly bent towards the ground.
  • The X-Scream, the least scary. A small car descends and rises inclined towards the edge. The picture on the website is more impressive than the ride which looks a bit “cheap”. The movement is slow and very limited.

You buy packs with 1, 2 or 3 thrill rides included. The price is reasonable. It costs you $10/$15 per attraction.

Check out the current price on GetyourGuide.

Other activities on top of the Stratosphere

Besides the observation, you can enjoy a drink or a sandwich at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. This happens on floor 108 with “108 drinks” and “108 eats” (yes, they didn’t go for original names).

There is also a better quality restaurant on floor 106, the “Top of the World”. Without being at the top of the hotel, you have an extraordinary view. The entire restaurant is surrounded by glass windows. At night, the lights of Vegas are revealed before your eyes. To be sure to have your table, book in advance directly on the website of the hotel.

And if you dream of getting married in Las Vegas, you can do so on floor 103 in the “Chapel in the Clouds”. After a wedding at a height of 1,000 ft, you will have to be innovative during the wedding night to make it even stronger!

Story and pictures from the top floor of the Stratosphere

With Amélie, we took a standard admission to go up to the top, to the observation deck. We thought we would stay there for a few minutes and after all, we spent almost an hour between the indoor observation point and the outdoor space.

With a cap on and sunglasses on (even in the morning, the sun hits hard in Nevada and even harder at this height), we loved the contrast between the expensive resorts in Las Vegas and the desert on the other side.

desert view from stratosphere tower
Desert surrounding the city of excess, the view from this height highlights this reality.


This is the best place in Las Vegas to see the skyline. You can see all the pools on the roofs of the hotels, the residential areas where tourists never go, the roads that go into the desert…

With the camera out, we shot in all directions. We chose to do this activity during daylight hours, but the night must also bring its share of surprises. You don’t see the desert anymore, but Las Vegas is full of lights… Seeing thousands of lights and then nothingness, blackness, all around, it must also be a good reminder that Las Vegas is a unique city created in the middle of nowhere.

With admission available for a small fee, I’m very glad we took the Stratosphere Tower tour. And if you have more courage than us, try a ride or why not, bungee jumping.


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