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I wanted to share with you today one of our favorite places when we lived in Chambéry with Denis: the lake Saint-André.

Whether you are on vacation or on the “wine road”, the lake Saint-André is ideal for a relaxing walk.

Lake Saint-André, a little treasure of nature in Savoie

lake saint andre view
The lake is beautiful with the snow-capped mountains in the background.

Located at 20 minutes’ drive from Chambéry, the lake Saint-André is in “Les Marches” (a really small city) in Savoie.

It is a natural lake created naturally after the collapse of a part of the Mont Granier in the 1200s. Today it has been developed to allow people to enjoy it while preserving its biodiversity. Indeed, many species of animals and plants in this place are protected, especially in the part called “natural zone”.

Surrounded by mountains and vineyards, Lake Saint-André is a beautiful natural place. The landscapes offered on the Mont Granier or the Belledonne massif are magnificent.

How to go to the lake Saint-André?

By car

You can easily reach the lake Saint-André by car. To park, there is nothing simpler: a long row of parking spots is present on the length of the lake.

Whatever the season, there is almost always room to park.

By bike

For the fans of sports, it is easy to get there by bike from Chambéry via the bike path called “Avenue Verte Sud”. However, expect some hills (but not the highest ones) and long efforts!

What to do at Lake Saint-André?

The beauty of the lake and its environment is conducive to various leisure activities.


Lake Saint-André is very popular with fishermen and several pontoons have been built for this activity. Some of them also take their boat to fish quietly in the middle of the water.

Stroll around the lake

lake saint andre water

A pedestrian path has been laid out around the lake, partly stabilized with wooden walkways. It joins each side of the leisure area and serves the different pontoons.

The tour of the lake takes between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on your pace, without stopping. The path is flat and has no difficulties and is dotted with fishing pontoons. You will easily find free ones to rest, enjoy a quiet moment and admire the landscape.


Swimming is tolerated at the leisure area, but it is not supervised. It is therefore advisable to be careful.

The rules prohibit swimming on the rest of the lake surface which are natural areas to be preserved and fishing areas.

Picnic and barbecue

If we went to Lake Saint-André for walks in the morning, many families take advantage of the nice days to eat there at lunch or on summer evenings. Indeed, a vast leisure area borders the Lake Saint-André, with lawn and some games for children.

It is therefore easy to settle down, in the sun or in the shade of the trees, to enjoy a good picnic with family or friends. When we went there, it was not uncommon to come across people preparing a barbecue. Of course, you will need to bring your own equipment because ground fires are strictly forbidden.

Are dogs allowed around Lake Saint-André?

Dogs are allowed if they are kept on a leash around the lake. We particularly liked Lake Saint-André because it was an easy walk with our two small dogs.


If you want to plan a walk without the crowd, unlike the biggest lakes in Savoie or Haute-Savoie (Bourget, Annecy…), don’t hesitate to plan a stop at the lake Saint-André. It does not have the impressive size of the Lake Bourget or the multiple activities of the Lake Annecy.

Nevertheless, it is difficult not to be charmed by the place, when you see the mountains still covered with snow while the sun reigns around the lake!


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