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During our stay in Las Vegas, we multiplied the activities. After visiting the Tussauds Museum and the Shark Reef, we went to a museum dedicated to the Titanic: Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition

Let’s discover useful information before visiting this museum, as well as our opinion.

What is the Titanic Museum in Las Vegas?

As its name suggests, the Titanic Museum “The Artifact Exhibition” is dedicated to the famous ship for its sinking. The museum does more than just tell the story of the tragedy. It presents viewers with over 250 artifacts related to the Titanic and the people who boarded it.

You will find a mix of presentations related to the ship (its construction, its navigation, its crew, its sinking), to the passengers (names, history, life before and after the sinking…) and to collectors’ items.

Many reconstructions are made such as a 1st class room, a 3rd class room, the staircase seen and seen again in the movie “Titanic”…


The most impressive exhibits of the museum

The highlight of the exhibition, which is located at the end of the museum, is a part of the Titanic’s hull found directly on the wreck. It is impressive.

But the objects that give you an idea of the life of a Titanic traveler are also very nice. In the reconstruction of the rooms, you will discover dishes, clothes and a whole lot of souvenirs having really belonged to the voyages or reproduced faithfully.

artifacts from titanic
Several objects belonging to the travelers on the Titanic are exposed.

The large model of the wreck is not a collector’s item, but it is interesting. You can see the exact location of the impact of the iceberg.

Where is the Titanic Museum in Las Vegas?

The Titanic Museum is in the Luxor Hotel. The museum is adjacent to another museum “Bodies: the Exhibition”.

The Luxor is a hotel located south of the Strip, just before the Mandalay Bay. It’s not the best hotel, but I love its entrance. You enter a big pyramid worthy of the Egyptian prowess.

What is the entrance fee for “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition”?

The current price for the Titanic Museum at the Luxor Hotel is :

  • $32 for an adult
  • $24 for a child.

Check out the current price on GetyourGuide.

What are the hours of the Titanic Museum?

There are two schedules:

  • September to mid-November: 11a.m. to 6p.m.
  • From mid-November to early September: 11a.m. to 8p.m.

How long does the visit of the museum last?

We visited in the early afternoon in October. Las Vegas is not busy in October and yet, there was still a good turnout in the museum. I am afraid that the museum is full during the most touristic periods.

For several pieces, we had to wait a few minutes for the visitors to leave before us so that we could admire the objects.

Our visit lasted less than an hour.

It is possible to stay longer if you read all the information boards and want to contemplate each object. Personally, if I am amazed in front of some pieces, I look very quickly at others like the dish accessories.

The staircase is the most impressive reconstruction of the museum.
The staircase is the most impressive reconstruction of the museum.

Did we enjoy the visit to the Titanic Museum?

Yes, we enjoyed the visit and do not regret it. However, we do not rank it among the best things to do in Las Vegas.

The Titanic drama has been narrated for decades and my entire generation was impacted by James Cameron’s film. It is very interesting to experience the ship in a different way.

The museum does everything to bring out the visitor’s empathy. You have personal information about the travelers. The staff even give you a name of a traveler and at the end, you can check on a panel and seed if he survived the sinking or not… I had the card of a third-class child who died in the sinking. It’s a good idea to feel closer to the travelers, but it’s a bit creepy!

My most striking moment was not the discovery of the wreck, but the reconstruction of the staircase. It is magnificent. It is the best moment of the visit.

At the exit, you have a store to buy some souvenirs.

In conclusion, the price is, in my opinion, a bit high. However, you have a good visit, discover unique objects and come out with a greater knowledge of the Titanic. If you have a couple of hours to kill, it’s better to make the visit rather than to lose your money on a slot machine!


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