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The Venetian Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas. As beautiful as the Bellagio fountains, its canals reminding us of those of the Italian city of Venice are mythical. But the Venetian is also and above all an upscale hotel located in the perfect place in Las Vegas.

With Amélie, we stayed two nights in this hotel during our honeymoon. What did we think of it?

The Venetian in Numbers

The Venetian is a hotel-casino that exists since 1999.

With The Palazzo, it is a gigantic resort with more than 7000 rooms.

Within it, you will also find about fifteen restaurants and a lot of activities that I will list at the end of the article.

Where is the Venetian located in Las Vegas?

In the best place! I can’t say it enough: when you travel to Las Vegas, you must stay in the middle of the Strip. In the heart of the city, all the activities are within walking distance and you are safe, which is not always true when you choose hotels like the Hilton further north. I say this with knowledge since we spent several days at the Hilton…

The exact address of the Venetian is 3335, S Las Vegas Boulevard.

More concretely, on the Strip, you are in front of the Mirage. Right next door, you have the Ceasar Palace, the Paris and the Bellagio.

Whether you are a casino player or a tourist attending the shows, everything is close to the Venetian. The Venetian’s location is really perfect.

What is the difference between the Palazzo and the Venetian?

I’ll answer this often asked question right away. Both hotels are in different but similar towers, belonging to the same resort.

To summarize, you have a tower that corresponds to the Venetian. Then, a few years later, the company that owns the resort created an almost identical tower across the street (the same rooms, the same prices) that they called The Palazzo.

The two hotels share the same casino floor.

Rooms and prices at The Venetian

In Las Vegas, more than anywhere else, room prices change a lot depending on the season and the events taking place.

For two nights during the week in October, we paid about $350/night. It is possible to find slightly cheaper prices according to the dates (example: in May and June when the temperatures are warm in Las Vegas), but the rate remains $250/night minimum. Like the Bellagio or the Caesar Palace, it is a luxury hotel.

Other less expensive hotels like the Linq or the Flamingo are right next door.

For this price, you get the standard room: the Venetian King-Size Suite. In this room, we forgot our Parisian hotel rooms of 10 square meters. The smallest room at the Venetian is 60 square meters.

As you can see on our photos, you have a huge bathroom, a very comfortable sleeping and living area.

It is, of course, possible to opt for even more classy hotel rooms like :

  • The Venetian Luxury Suite of 70 m2 from $350/night
  • The Premium Suite of 102 m2 from $400/night
  • The Grand Suite of 139 m2 from $470/night…

The list is not complete!

Supplements can be bought such as access to the Venetian Prestige Club Lounge, but we did not take it.

hall venetian hotel las vegas
Right after check-in, you start your stay in a beautiful hallway with ceiling paintings worthy of Italian artists.

Our Arrival at the Venetian

We came in an Uber that dropped us off in front of the hotel. There is also free parking available, as well as a valet.

The first sight of the hotel’s facade is extraordinary. The architecture of the Venetian is magnificent. Impressive, the hotel is in the Italian style. The little bridge on top of the canal is charming and we couldn’t wait to drop off our bags and go visit the whole hotel.

If the announced check-in time is 3p.m., you can request your room much earlier. We did this at 2p.m. and at other Las Vegas hotels, we have done morning check-in. Their goal is to avoid huge lines at 3p.m., but also to have you quickly unload your luggage so you can go play in the casino.

Our stay at the Venetian

Our room at the Venetian

Hard to do better! The room is spacious. Bedding and sofas make you want to chill around.

There are more TVs than occupants since there are three (living room, in front of the bed, in the bathroom). The wide bathtub allowed me to take a nice bath, which is exceptional with me because I am 6.3 ft tall!

Unfortunately, we had a view close to useless since the window did not overlook the strip but on a compact wall at the back of the hotel.

beautiful room in the venetian
We took the smallest room of the Venetian… 60 m2 !

Let’s mention that if the luxury is there in the room, the extra costs are waiting for you. Nothing is free, including the single bottle of water available in the refrigerator at a huge price.

By the way, if you don’t plan to consume anything from the bar, don’t open it. If you grab a Coke can and put it back, it is counted as consumed because an automatic detector adds it to your list of extras to pay for as soon as it is lifted from the fridge.

Things to do at the Venetian

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs

Feeling hungry? There is no lack of restaurants in the Venetian. Steakhouse, French, vegan, Italian, the available food is of good quality. The prices can change a lot from one place to another, so you should think about looking at the menu before entering if you have a specific budget.

The hotel also has several bars. If you like originality, try the minus5° Ice Experience bar, an ice bar!

If you’re gambling on casino tables, waitresses walk on the casino floor and you can order from them.

Las Vegas never sleeps. So the bars host regular parties.


The Venetian is not as well known as the MGM, but it still has a full schedule. Between concerts and one-man shows, you have a great choice when you book your tickets.

The Pools of the Venetian

Pools in Las Vegas are an important issue if you travel during the warmer months. The more festive tourists also enjoy the many pool parties.

The Venetian also has a SPA and fitness room.

The canals of the Venetian

canals of the venetian resort
Even at night, the Venetian’s canals are beautiful. The painted ceiling brings an extra luminosity.

While we didn’t attend to any shows at the Venetian or the pool (which was closed since we were at the Venetian in October), we did walk around the canals.

Visible outside the hotel, they run through the shopping mall. To feel even more like Venice, it is possible to take a gondola ride on these canals.

The price is quite high as you have to pay about 40$/person and an equivalent supplement is asked if you want photos from your gondola ride. The hotel is luxurious and this is reflected in the price of the activities!

During your ride on the gondola, the gondolier will surely sing a song. Depending on your temperament, you’ll either love his voice or cower as the eyes because all the passersby in the shopping mall are looking at you.

 Bradley Cooper at the Tussauds Museum.
Did you recognize him? It is Bradley Cooper in the Tussauds Museum.

Tussauds Museum

The famous Madame Tussauds museums have a location in the Venetian. If you don’t know, they make wax statues of celebrities like the Grévin museum in Paris.

Most of the statues are internationally known stars, so you will recognize them quickly: Madonna, Tom Cruise, Beyoncé… As for the other statues, take your phone to look for who it is. As we are French, we didn’t recognize all the people.

We visited it when it opened at 10a.m. It was an excellent choice because it was almost deserted and we were able to take a lot of photos, sometimes posing next to the statues.

The Casino

Of course, you have to take your chance! Since this is a Las Vegas hotel-casino, gambling is the main activity to do. The floor is huge and you can find all the main casino games.

A special mention for the beautiful poker room. Every year, it organizes big poker tournaments with entry fees accessible to anyone. It can hold hundreds of players.


As a professional blogger, I take advantage of my flexible schedule to travel a lot. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!