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Of all the things to do in Las Vegas, the shows are among our highlights. There is no shortage of shows. The most famous and popular shows in Las Vegas are those of Cirque du Soleil.

After Kà, Mystère and O, we attended The Beatles Love.

The Beatles Love: Cirque du Soleil’s tribute show to the English band!

As the name suggests, The Beatles Love is a show that pays tribute to the Beatles, the most famous English band of the 60s (I can already imagine the Rolling Stones fans wanting to kill me after this sentence…).

The tribute is, of course, done in songs. During the whole show, you listen to the music of The Beatles. According to the styles and lyrics of the songs, dance numbers and other feats of agility are performed by the artists.

artistes the beatles love
As always with Cirque du Soleil, many artists are on stage.

In total, nearly 60 artists take turns on stage. Sometimes poetic, sometimes eccentric and dynamic, the show is very different from what we have seen in other Cirque du Soleil performances.

What do we see during The Beatles Love at The Mirage?

A mix of urban dance, air performances, sports and more is offered to the audience.

Some numbers are very impressive, while others are more standard.

dance the beatles love
If you like dancing, this show is for you.

Without mentioning everything, I can mention:

  • High-flying dance with dancers hanging from the roof of the hall.
  • Light effects on a gigantic canvas that even covers the first rows.
  • Acrobatic skaters performing jumps on springboards.
  • The arrival of a car on stage, children and animations full of joy.
skaters the beatles love
Thanks to these big springboards, skaters realize acrobatics.

All the other numbers are dance numbers. If you like dancing, you will be served! If you don’t…

Where does The Beatles Love show take place?

The Beatles Love show takes place in a room at The Mirage.  Because the show is permanent, the hotel displays the faces of The Beatles on its building.

The dedicated room is called LOVE Theatre. It is very particular since its layout is in a star shape. This allows the artists to cross the stage easily and to be closer to the audience.

stage the beatles love
With a shape of a star, the layout of the stage is original.

For those who are not familiar with Las Vegas hotels, The Mirage is across from The Venetian and just past Caesars Palace. Every night, you can watch a free fireball show in front of the hotel called The Mirage Volcano. After The Beatles Love, if you have never seen it, take the time to watch it.

What are the dates and times of The Beatles Love show?

The Beatles Love runs Wednesday through Sunday at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM. With 10 weekly performances, that leaves you with a choice of times!

How long is The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil?

The show lasts approximately 90 minutes.

What is the price of a ticket for The Beatles Love in Las Vegas?

Prices are less expensive than for other Cirque du Soleil shows.

The price of a ticket for The Beatles Love in Las Vegas is between $100 and $350. Some price increases are possible, especially for a show on the weekend or during the periods with the most tourists in Las Vegas.

tickets the beatles love
High up and a little to the side, our seats were not the best.

Choosing your seat matters a lot, because from some seats, the view is limited. We were at the very top, to the back of the stage, and it wasn’t the best view.

On the sides of the stage, and if possible at the bottom, you will have an excellent view. 

Should you book your tickets in advance for The Beatles Love?

Yes, I recommend it. For small shows like Extravaganza that we saw at the Flamingo, waiting until the last hour to book is possible since the show never sells out.

Since we had taken low-priced seats for The Beatles Love, the rows were not full. But, all the best seats were reserved, even when we booked a few days ago.

So I advise you to book at least 20 days in advance to have the choice and take the seats you like the most.

Our opinion on The Beatles Love: a good show, but far from the best!

I could be concise and stop at these three situations:

  • If you love the music of The Beatles, you should definitely see the show.
  • If you don’t like their music, don’t go to the show.
  • If you like a few songs but don’t love them, you may enjoy the show, but it’s not the most spectacular.
tribute the beatles love las vegas
If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll have a great time!

Since I’m nice, I’m going to go a step further and explain how we experienced The Beatles while in the third situation.

Like everyone else, we know the most famous songs from The Beatles. Some songs we like and some we don’t like as much. So the show sometimes made us want to get up and dance, and other times to get up and ask the stage manager to turn down the sound!

giant screen the beatles love
Dancing, luminous, this giant canvas is a poetic passage. It is perhaps the moment that I preferred in The Beatles Love.

Indeed, at the top, close to the big speakers, the sound was very strong and even a little mind-numbing. Amélie being a bit sick after a meal in a small restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas, she was not at her best and the loudest music made her want to leave.

So I repeat my advice to choose your seat carefully for this show. While for O, our slightly high seats were not bad, that was no longer the case for The Beatles Love.

Secondly, I rank Cirque du Soleil shows among the best in the World. The artists and the acts are extraordinary. I’m amazed by a contortionist or trapeze artists doing jumps from a height of 20 meters.

In The Beatles Love, you don’t see much acrobatics. Most of it is dance. Of course, the dancers are very good, but I am not a big fan of dance. I was sometimes bored with some numbers. Of course, if you love dancing, you will have the opposite opinion.

dancers beatles cirque soleil
The dancers are beautiful. But the whole thing lacked gymnasts and surprising numbers.

The few acrobatics like the skaters are not fantastic, like what we saw in Mystery or O.

If you do all the shows in Las Vegas, a lot of the events will look bad next to The Beatles Love. But this is clearly not the best of the Cirque du Soleil shows.

Go see it if you like The Beatles or if you already know the iconic Cirque du Soleil: Kà – Mystère – O.

What other Cirque du Soleil shows are in Las Vegas?

Currently, Cirque du Soleil has 6 shows in Las Vegas, each at a different hotel.

In addition to The Beatles Love at The Mirage, you can see:

  • Mystère at Treasure Island
  • O at the Bellagio
  • Mad Apple at the New York New York Hotel
  • Michael Jackson ONE at the Mandalay Bay Resort
  • at the MGM Grand.


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