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As a long-time football fan, our move to Quebec City has had a positive impact on my life: I’m now on the continent where football is cherished!

But, before I could easily travel to nearby NFL stadiums, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that college football in Quebec City is very popular. Last week, I was able to experience this for myself by attending a Rouge et Or de Laval (the name of the university in Quebec City) game.

In this article, I give you all the tips you need to see this team’s games and give a little account of my experience.

University football in Quebec

University football clubs in Quebec play in the RSEQ league (Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec). RSEQ football has 5 teams:

  • Université de Laval in Quebec City (yes, I find it disturbing that the name of Quebec City’s university is the same as that of a large city near Montreal…)
  • Concordia, McGill and Montreal universities in Montreal
  • Sherbrooke University.

Teams that qualify for the play-offs play teams from the rest of Canada. The final winner takes home the Vanier Cup.

quebec montreal canadian football
RSEQ football has 5 teams. The Rouge et Or is Canada’s most successful.

So you’re a long way from all the leagues and dozens of college football teams in the U.S., but the league is structured.

It should also be noted that this is Canadian football, not American football. The sport is very similar, but connoisseurs will quickly see the differences (12 players instead of 11, 3 “downs” instead of 4, slightly larger field, post at the beginning of the end zone rather than at the end, players on the move at the start of the action…).

The Rouge et Or: a team that counts in this league

Laval’s Rouge et Or are no slouches in Canadian university football. In fact, they’re the most successful. In 2023, Québec won its 11ème title!

Quebec City is famous for its loyal following of youngsters. Whether it’s to watch the football team or the Remparts in ice hockey, the stands fill up with thousands of fans. This makes every game in Quebec City special.

Currently, the Rouge et Or’s biggest rivals in Quebec are the Montreal Carabins. Their rivals across the country are Western University in London, Ontario. They have won 8 championships.

Where do the Rouge et Or de Laval play?

The Rouge et Or play at the Telus-Université Laval stadium. It is located at 2380 rue du Peps in Quebec City. It’s easily accessible by public transit or car. Personally, I came on foot. Living close to Chemin Sainte-Foy, I only had to walk 3 km in a straight line to get to the stadium entrance.

stade telus quebec
Just off chemin Sainte-Foy, the stadium is easily accessible.

The stadium is big. The record attendance for a Rouge et Or football match is 19,381!

For the first match I attended, there were 13,500 spectators. That’s impressive for a youth match, and matches at other universities in Quebec don’t get that big turnout.

stadium rouge or quebec
Although lacking in comfort, the stadium is large and offers a good view of the pitch.

The stadium is quite old. It’s reminiscent of NFL stadiums such as the Bills’ and Packers’, albeit smaller. You have no roof and are exposed to rain, wind, snow or even frost in your seat.

A small part of the stands has seats with backrests, while the rest is made up of wooden benches. It’s not very comfortable, but between you and me, I couldn’t care less. I’m here to watch Canadian football, not Cirque du Soleil.

But I advise you to be prepared. In good French, I arrived with my hands in my pockets. Seeing other Quebec spectators with their portable padded seats, blankets and ponchos, I told myself that I still needed to gain experience to adapt to Quebec weather conditions…

Which seats to choose in the Telus-Université Laval stadium?

I’m assuming that you’re not lucky enough to have a seat in the boxes. In that case, I’d advise you to find a seat halfway up the pitch, as close to midfield as possible. In my opinion, this is the best spot for a football match.

Try to avoid stair-side seating. You’re constantly being passed by people arriving late or going to buy food and drink. This obscures your view of the terrain and becomes terribly frustrating.

If you’re on a budget, it’s possible to take standing places around the pitch. However, I tried this for a few minutes at the end of the match, and visibility is reduced compared with a seat in the stands. What’s more, standing for the whole match is not pleasant for the soles of your feet!

How much does a ticket to a Rouge et Or football match cost?

Standing room is $19 during the regular season. Grandstand seats range from $22 to $30.

The photos in this article were taken at the top of section 106. I had paid $27 for my seat.

view quebec football game
From section 106, I had this view of the terrain.

Please note that prices change for the play-offs, and between the time of writing and the time of your visit, there may have been a price change. Reduced rates are available for young people and students.

Do I need to make a reservation for a Rouge et Or football game?

Yes, and not the day before! I booked 3 weeks in advance and there weren’t many seats left. The stadium is often almost full. If you want to get a good seat, you have to book several weeks before the day of the match.

For peace of mind and the best possible view, I’m even planning to subscribe next year. The subscription price is around $200.

What kind of atmosphere can you expect in a Rouge et Or de Laval game?

Before going to the stadium, I had read everywhere that the atmosphere was exceptional. But when I got there, I had mixed feelings. I’d say it’s an excellent atmosphere for a college football game.

Don’t expect the madness of top-level football (how hard it is for me to get used to saying ” football” to describe European football…) or an NHL match. The length of the match, the incessant back-and-forth of spectators between their seats and the refreshment area and the structure of the stadium mean that the sound ambiance is rarely at its best.

But the announcer is very good (not to say excellent!) and at key moments in the match, the decibel levels rise.

scoreboard rouge or laval
With a large crowd and a professional setting, the match was a pleasure to watch.

It’s worth noting that the setting is almost professional. The giant screen shows slow-motion replays and statistics are regularly posted. There’s also a mascot and cheerleaders.

How long does a Quebec college football game last?

If you’re a French or African immigrant to Quebec, you’ll be surprised by the North American sport. Stops are frequent and long. This makes it possible to broadcast advertising (college football games are broadcast live on TVA Sports). So, while in theory a football match lasts 4 x 15 minutes, the reality is that you’ll be spending more than 3 hours at the stadium.

If you’re not a real football fan, this may seem like a long time. Personally, I manage not to get bored watching the football -motion replays or the movements of the players on the benches.

But I go to these games alone, because I know that Amélie will end up regretting coming because of the length…

What to eat and drink at a Rouge et Or game?

Don’t worry about going hungry. “Hot dogs are 2 piasses! If you’re not from Quebec, understand that they’re $2. Sure, they’re small, but the fare is competitive. With a ticket in your pocket, you’ll end up stuffed like Thanksgiving!

Sodas and beer are available from the refreshment area. Beer vendors are also on hand in the stands throughout the match. At my game, they were $9.25.

If you like festivities, I recommend arriving before the match to enjoy the famous tailgates. In North America, a tailgate is a kind of pre-game party. Located in the parking lot opposite one of the stadium’s two entrances, the tailgate features numerous food and drink stalls, as well as games and goodie sales.

tailgate rouge or laval
Before the match, a tailgate is organized in front of the entrance.

Sure, the crowd is mostly students, but the atmosphere is good. It’s nothing like the weird, tense atmosphere of European football. You can bring the whole family. You’ll have a great time.

How did I find the level of play in college football games?

I’ve been following the NFL for years, as well as the NCAA (college football in the USA). I knew that a small league like the one in Quebec City wouldn’t be able to compete at this level. However, I was positively astonished by what I saw on television and in the stadium.

Without reaching the level of American universities, the level of play surprised me in a positive way.

Compared to the few football leagues in France, it’s night and day. Some players end up as professionals in the CFL (Canadian Football League). These are not teenagers, but men aged 20 to 25. They have talent, football physique and a sense of tactics… I enjoy watching the RSEQ championships!


If you’re in Quebec City in the fall, check out the Rouge et Or. The season is very short, running from September to November. The atmosphere is great and the level of play is higher than I imagined. Alone or with friends and family, it’s an entertaining experience!


As a professional blogger, I take advantage of my flexible schedule to travel a lot. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!