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After the Kà and Mystère, we wanted to see another Las Vegas show produced by Cirque du Soleil. Logically, we turned to the second most popular show (after Kà): the O Show.

Discover in this article everything you need to know about this Cirque du Soleil show, as well as a review to evaluate this show among the range of events organized in Las Vegas. In addition, I’ve included some pictures taken during the show!

What is the theme of the O Show at Bellagio?

The big difference of O compared to the other shows is the presence of water. Indeed, all the sets and most of the acrobatics or dances are done around or in a pool.

If I go back to the presentation of the show, the show is summarized as follows:

“O is a timeless production mixing water art, surrealism and romance. It pays homage to all forms of theater, from simple street performance to operas.”

In all honesty, when you attend the show, you hardly understand the script. Amazed by the prowess of the acrobats and actors, you watch the show and don’t care about the story. The story is anyway reduced to the minimum and has little interest.


What do we see during O in Las Vegas?

The most important question when attending a Cirque du Soleil show is not the theme, but rather the acrobatic acts you will see.

photo show O bellagio
Water is the basis of the show.

O has the merit of offering a nice variety. Throughout the show, singers provide the soundtrack of the show. Then, the scenes follow one another.

In O, two clowns are regularly present on stage to make the audience laugh. While they are doing their sketches, the technical teams take the opportunity to modify the sets. Yes, the floor slips away, the pool has a variable depth and huge constructions end up suspended in the air!

These sets feature divers, synchronized swimming, fire jugglers, dancing, trapeze artists, contortionists…

The sets are magnificent. During one scene, a trapeze artist performs acrobatics, while a reproduction of a merry-go-round is made under her feet. Members of the troupe turn on their horses. The scene is majestic. But it is perhaps less than that of the big boat.

acrobatics O bellagio las vegas
Melancholy and romanticism emerge from this scene.

In this scene, a construction resembling a boat is suspended. A team of acrobats performs movements on it, while the boat moves from right to left. The jumps are at high altitude and the work of the artists is remarkable. The whole thing ends with big dives. It was our favorite moment of O!

boat O cirque du soleil
The best moment of the show, quite simply.

Where does the O Show take place in Las Vegas?

O takes place in the “O” Theater at the Bellagio. To find the theater, enter the casino and use the signs to get to the venue.

If you don’t come too early, you will see a small line. The O Theater is a beautiful venue, with comfortable seating reminiscent of an opera house rather than a modern theater.

o theater las vegas
The O Theater is easy to find in the Bellagio.

As for the Bellagio, it is in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard. Around this beautiful hotel, you have other hotels like Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas…

What are the dates and times of O?

O is a permanent show.

The performances of O take place from Wednesday to Sunday at 7:00PM and 9:30PM.

How much does a O ticket cost?

There are differences depending on the time of year and the day of the week.

But, on most nights, prices start at $120 and go up to $650.

With Amélie, we had seats in the first rows of the upper section, off to the left. The view was good without being optimal. We paid $300 for two.

theater O bellagio
For this location, we paid $300 for 2 seats.

Check out the current price on GetyourGuide.

Should I book my tickets for O in advance?

Yes, of course!

Cirque du Soleil shows attract a lot of people. Unlike a show like Extravaganza, which we booked just a few hours before it started, buy your tickets for O several weeks in advance.

This is even more necessary if you are looking for the best seats possible or multiple seats side by side.

Attending a performance in late October, which is not a busy time in Las Vegas, we were in a full house.

How long is the O Show?

O lasts about 90 minutes.

Our opinion on O at Bellagio

Let’s start with the room. Nice and pleasant, it puts you in the best possible conditions to have a good time. Its size is medium, which allows you to have a bit of atmosphere without crossing the crowd before or after the show.

The world of water lends itself perfectly to an elegant show like O. Some numbers of the show are rare, like the synchronized swimmers’ passages or the dives of 10 meters.

The sets are extraordinary. Once again, I think of the reproduction of a boat. Suspended and mobile, it takes your breath away. The fact of having a theater dedicated to the show allows having big structures under the stage and close to the roof. This makes the richness of the sets far superior to one-off shows or shows that share their venue with other events.

As always with Cirque du Soleil shows, the artists are excellent. The trapeze artists show impressive agility. When they perform acrobatics at high altitude, the adrenaline is at its peak.

actors o cirque du soleil
Numerous artists offer you a moment of magic in the middle of Las Vegas!

In my opinion, it’s simply impossible not to enjoy a show like O. I’m sure, even someone like my father, who is more used to outdoor soccer than sitting in front of gymnasts, would enjoy the show.

However, I do have a few minor criticisms. The main one is the regular and long presence of the clowns on stage. I know that many people laugh at the clown acts. Personally, I often find them not very funny. During O, these animations are too long and cut the rhythm.

If I had to make a ranking of my favorite Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, I would put Kà and Mystère at the top of the list, and O on the third row.

But obviously, even with that spot, this show is a thing of beauty and outshines most of the activities in Las Vegas!

What are the other Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas?

Would you like to book another show? Or, would you like to book several?

We have already seen 4 Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas and 1 in Montréal, and no doubt we will see more in the coming years. So I can only advise you to do the same!

In addition to O, Cirque du Soleil has the following shows in Las Vegas:

  • Mystery at Treasure Island
  • The Beatles Love at The Mirage
  • Mad Apple at the New York New York Hotel
  • Michael Jackson ONE at the Mandalay Bay Resort
  • at the MGM Grand.


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