You are currently viewing Montmorency Falls cable car: your eyes and legs will thank you!
Activity summary: A cable car takes you from the bottom to the top of Montmorency Falls. Fast, pleasant and offering exceptional views from the air, it’s a first-rate activity.

For our second visit to the Chutes de Montmorency, the weather lent itself to a long walk. After descending the grand staircase, we decided to take the cable car back up. We didn’t regret our decision.

As well as avoiding a 487-step climb, the cable car ride gives you a different view of the waterfall.

In this article, I give you all the information you need about the cable car installed at Montmorency Falls in Quebec City, and publish a few photos taken during the experience.

The Montmorency cable car: an extra activity in the park!

Do I need to introduce the Chutes de Montmorency? After Niagara, they’re probably Canada’s best-known waterfall. We’ve already written a long article on Montmorency, so I’ll concentrate on the cable car.

This service was introduced in 1993. Along with hiking, via ferrata and photography, it represents a genuine additional activity at Parc de Montmorency.

Not included in the admission ticket for access to the falls, the cable car ride is optional, but we highly recommend it. From the top of the 83-meter falls to the bottom, close to the St. Lawrence River, it offers an impressive variety of scenery.


Choice of one-way or round-trip ticket

The round trip is the main offer. However, it is also possible to pay a few dollars less for a single trip. This is what we do when we go to Parc de Montmorency.

We arrive by bus near the top of the falls. We walk around, down the 487-step wooden staircase and stroll below. Then, when we have to get back on the bus, we take the cable car.

falls montmorency
The cable car takes you effortlessly from the top to the bottom of the falls.

This option lets you take plenty of photos from the steps. Since the altitude varies from floor to floor, the view of the falls changes as you descend.

However, many tourists choose to make a round trip. They save time and energy, and there’s nothing to stop them going up or down the first flight of stairs.

Why take the cable car to Montmorency Falls?

The view of the falls is magnificent

We took the cable car to avoid the climb up the stairs and were surprised by the beauty of the view of the falls from the cabin.

view cable car montmorency
Thanks to my 1.91 m height, I was able to get a clear view from inside the ropeway.

We were lucky enough to have sunny weather. The photos taken in the cabin are sublime and faithfully reflect the vision we had on the way up. If you take the cable car in the opposite direction, the scenery changes completely. You can see the St. Lawrence River and the south shore of Quebec City.

Gentle ascent and descent

The cable car is not a sensational attraction. The ride is smooth. The cabin doesn’t move. So it’s suitable for everyone.

No more suffering on the impressive staircase

I’m not ashamed to say that the first time we came to Montmorency Falls, we found it quite difficult. With its 487 steps, it requires an effort similar to climbing a 20-storey building! In summer, the effort can even become hazardous to your health.

arrival cable car montmorency
This is the arrival platform at the top of the falls.

The cable car is ideal for seeing the top and bottom of the great waterfall without ending up with aches and pains or difficulty breathing.

The wait is short and the journey quick

We took the cable car midmorning on Sunday in October. It wasn’t as busy as in the summer, but several hundred tourists were present at the falls site. Yet our wait was short.

We stood in line for five minutes, then boarded the cable car with about fifteen other people. As the cabin was very large, we weren’t squeezed at all, despite the other visitors.

cable car montmorency
The ride through the air is fast.

The climb is slow and short. I didn’t look at my watch, but I’d estimate it at two minutes. So the slow speed, which makes for great photos, doesn’t mean a long ride.

This saves you time, allowing you to make the most of the rest of your visit.

Why don’t some tourists take the cable car to Montmorency Falls?

The route is chargeable

The main reason not to take the cable car is financial. Access to the Falls Park costs around $10 for tourists. To take the cable car, you need another ticket out of your pocket. The cost of the visit becomes substantial when you’re a family.

Fear of emptiness

I know my father would never climb into a cable car for two reasons: he’s claustrophobic and he’s afraid of heights. If you share either of these two phobias, you’ll do the same.

paths montmorency
If you have a fear of heights, you may not enjoy the flight.

Climbing the stairs is part of the experience

Sweating and gasping for breath on the Montmorency staircase is almost a tradition for visitors. If you’d like to hear some anecdotes on the subject, or if you enjoy physical exertion, you’ll prefer the steps to the cable car.

They’re content with their place of arrival at the falls

While I understand the three previous reasons, I find the last one sadder. Some tourists visit the falls quickly. They arrive at either the top or the bottom parking lot, wander around a bit and then leave again. They don’t do the whole tour. It’s a shame to see Montmorency in this way, because the view from the bottom is very different from the one from the top.

Practical information on the Chutes de Montmorency cable car

The price of a cable car ticket

The rates I have indicated are for 2023/2024. They may have changed. I would also like to point out that rates in Canada are written exclusive of taxes.

  • Round trip
    • 95 for an adult
    • 46 for a senior citizen (65 and over)
    • 48 for a child (ages 6 to 17)
    • Free (children 5 and under)
    • 06 for a family (2 adults + 2 children)
  • One-way ticket
    • 71 for an adult.

There are probably other fare offers, but on the Chutes website, only the round-trip fares are written. As for the one-way fare, I know it because that’s what we paid.


The location of the ropeway in the park

The cable car is a must. As you face the waterfall, it’s on your left.

Downstairs, it’s inside the building, which also includes a store, next to the parking lot.

station falls montmorency
You can buy your tickets online, in this store or at the top of the falls.

At the top, it’s right next to the start of the suspension bridge over the falls.

Gondola opening times

The cable car is closed for most of the winter, except for the week of the Christmas vacations. However, the Chutes de Montmorency park remains open all year round.

When the cable car is available, opening hours are between 9 and 10 a.m. and 4 to 5.30 p.m.


When you visit Quebec City, there are two must-sees: the Château de Frontenac and the Montmorency Falls. To make the experience even more memorable, take the cable car.


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