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Summary: Les Pagodes is a hotel located near the entrance to Beauval Zoo. With its Asian theme, it offers a real change of scenery. Without being perfect, I enjoyed my stay.

Originally from the Centre region of France, we’ve visited the Beauval zoo several times. Gigantic, beautiful and full of activities, the Beauval zoo is the best animal park we’ve ever been to.

But whereas we used to make the round trip in a day, for our last visit we chose to book a hotel belonging to the zoo: Les Pagodes de Beauval.

Discover our review of Les Pagodes de Beauval, all the advice you need to sleep there and some photos taken on site.

Les Pagodes de Beauval: an Asian-themed hotel

To attract guests for several days and complement its services, Beauval Zoo has developed an impressive range of hotels.

There are currently 5 hotels with 5 different themes:

  • Les Jardins de Beauval (theme: Indonesia)
  • Les Hauts de Beauval (theme: Africa)
  • Les Rivages de Beauval (theme: Mexico)
  • Les Hameaux de Beauval (theme: Vietnam)
  • Les Pagodes de Beauval (theme: China).

Along with Les Hauts de Beauval (Africa), Les Pagodes de Beauval seemed to us to be the prettiest and most original establishment.

This large hotel (127 rooms) boasts a magnificent exterior design. Between the building, its great arch at the entrance and the gardens, you’ll be traveling to China right in the middle of France.

decoration pagodes beauval
The hotel’s building and exterior design are well executed.

This attention to detail can be seen in the hotel corridors and in the room, with a few Asian decorative objects.

Of course, don’t expect to be totally transported to Asia. You’re staying in a mid-range hotel with a somewhat elaborate decor.

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How good are the rooms at Les Pagodes de Beauval?

There are several types of room. They can accommodate between 1 and 5 people. We had a room on the 3ème floor at the end of the building. As we were only staying one night and leaving early in the morning, we opted for the smallest room: the Chambre Confort.

bedroom pagodes beauval
The surface area of a Comfort room is large.

Even if it’s the smallest, the surface area is still large. With just the two of you, you’ve got all the space you need to be comfortable.

In terms of furniture, you have the essentials, no more: a desk, a wardrobe, a TV, a small armchair, two bedside tables… So comfort is there.

bath pagodes beauval
The furniture is basic, but sufficient for a night or two.

However, not everything is perfect. The bedding is decent, but not of the highest quality. Furnishings are basic, with a small TV, a single armchair for a double room and little storage space.

For one night, it’s enough. For a week, the Comfort room seems limited. Booking a more complete room is preferable.

Was the room clean?

Yes, the room was clean. The carpet was a little dated, but overall, it was clean.

bathroom pagode beauval
The bathroom and bedroom were clean and well maintained.

Did we have a good night at Les Pagodes de Beauval?

At the end of the corridor, we heard very little noise. What’s more, as it was in February, few people were sleeping in the hotel. I imagine it’s not the same sensation in summer when Les Pagodes de Beauval is full.

But you’re close to the zoo, in a place with little traffic and few buildings, except those at Beauval. So you can be sure of a peaceful night’s sleep. If your roommates are well behaved, you should have a quiet night.

As previously mentioned, the bedding is decent. It doesn’t hinder sleep, but it doesn’t enhance it either.

Is Les Pagodes de Beauval an expensive hotel?

Remember that a hotel’s location and theme have a strong impact on price. A hotel close to Disneyland costs much more than the same establishment in the middle of nowhere.

Les Pagodes de Beauval rates are therefore high.

As we were traveling in the off-peak season, we got a great price: less than 200€ with buffet and breakfast included. For the same thing in summer, expect to pay around 300€.

But if you compare with competing offers in the vicinity of Beauval, you’ll understand that the rate isn’t out of line. You won’t find anything closer to the hotel, and within a few kilometers, rates are often similar to hotels without charm or activity.

Supply and demand, as well as the “Beauval” brand, explain these prices.

Do I need to book Les Pagodes de Beauval early?

In off-peak periods, no. For a visit between May and the end of August, yes.

It’s simple: despite the hundreds of rooms available, Beauval’s hotels are fully booked during the summer. If you wait ten days to book Les Pagodes de Beauval, you’ll probably run out of rooms.

What activities do Les Pagodes de Beauval offer?

The main activity is, of course, a visit to the Beauval Zoo. If you don’t know it yet, please read our article on visiting the zoo.

The Beauval zoo can be visited in a full day. It takes us between 4h30 and 7h to visit it.

When you stay at a Beauval hotel, you’ll be offered an unlimited zoo pass for the duration of your visit. But you can also visit the zoo on a single day and see other attractions in the surrounding area, such as the Châteaux de la Loire (Chambord, Cheverny, Chenonceau…).

pool pagodes beauval
The swimming pool is very pretty and loved by the youngest visitors. (Photo taken on the Beauval site. When we visited in February, it was closed)

The hotel’s gardens are the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. From April to September, a swimming pool is open and accessible free of charge. The flora and fauna of the gardens are varied and pleasant to walk in.

With Amélie, morning temperatures were below 0°, so we didn’t do it. So I can’t say too much about the exterior of Les Pagodes de Beauval.

The hotel also offers a range of treatments for a fee, including massages, scrubs and access to a relaxation area with a SPA and sauna.

Is full board available at Les Pagodes de Beauval?

No, full board is not available. But you do have the option of half board (dinner and breakfast). That’s the choice we made.

restaurant les pagodes beauval
Restaurant “Le Sichuan” hosts buffets and breakfasts. The room is vast.

For dinner, Les Pagodes de Beauval offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. Serving times are 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

The current price is €27 per person (drinks are not included). However, by reserving your room, you may be able to take advantage of low-cost packages that reduce the cost of meals.

How good is the buffet and breakfast at Les Pagodes de Beauval?

The buffet contains a mix of Asian and French food, as well as junk food. It is served in the “Le Sichuan” restaurant.

The choice was too limited to give the impression of eating in a Chinese restaurant. There were egg rolls, gyozas, Cantonese rice or caramel pork.

But on the other side, you have lots of cold cuts, nuggets, French fries, pasta…

The majority of Chinese restaurant buffets I’ve tried in my life are of better quality. For example, the meat in my caramel pork was full of fat.

food les pagodes beauval
Few Asian choices and low-quality products.

Breakfast was a little better, even if it had nothing to do with Chinese gastronomy.

The price of the buffet seems high for the quality of the meat. However, Beauval has a limited number of restaurants in the surrounding area. It’s therefore difficult to find hot food without taking the car. For this reason, if I had to do it all over again, I’d opt for a reservation with dinner included. If not good, it avoids hunger.

Is it easy to park for free in front of Les Pagodes de Beauval?

Yes, the hotel has a large parking lot. And it’s free. That’s a good thing.

How many days can I stay at Les Pagodes de Beauval?

We only stayed one night at Les Pagodes de Beauval. In summer, activities in the hotel and outings within an hour’s drive can keep you busy for several days. Sleeping 3 or 4 nights is therefore quite possible.

But, as the price of a night’s stay is high and the buffet very average, I can’t see myself staying there for ten days.

How far is the zoo from the Les Pagodes de Beauval hotel?

The location is ideal. Just a few minutes’ walk and you are in the zoo.

No, the hotel is very close to the zoo. It’s less than a kilometer away. If you’re staying several nights at Les Pagodes de Beauval, you can leave the car in the hotel parking lot and walk to the zoo entrance.

As we only had one night’s sleep, we took the car. Within a minute, we were parked in the zoo parking lot.

Opinions on Les Pagodes de Beauval: would we recommend this hotel?

beauval hotel pagodes
My opinion is positive. Not perfect, but ideally located for visiting the zoo.

Les Pagodes de Beauval has a lot going for it: its proximity to the zoo, its spacious rooms, the Chinese style of the hotel, the Asian decorative objects, the possibility of eating in, the swimming pool, the magnificent gardens…

But there are disadvantages too, such as the price of the rooms, the quality of the food and the basic furnishings.

At the price we paid in winter (€200 with food), that’s a big “yes.” In summer, the price seems high. However, for one or two nights, the establishment is very convenient. You’re only a few steps from France’s most beautiful zoo.

So my opinion remains positive. With a few modifications, it would be even more so.

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