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Are you planning to go to Las Vegas and hesitating between taking a cab and an Uber for your car rides? We tried both and here are the advantages and drawbacks of each means of transportation.

The advantages of Uber in Las Vegas

The ride can start anywhere

This is the big advantage of Uber. You decide where you start the ride and where you stop it. You are the initiator of the ride. You open the Uber app on your phone, set your pick-up point and the driver meets you.

For convenience and safety reasons, do this either in front of hotels, near a parking lot or in an empty street, not in the middle of the Strip at rush hour.

An icon and live map inform you of the driver’s position. Other information such as the car model or license plate ensures that you can find the car faster. This is especially useful when you are on a busy street or at McCarran airport in Las Vegas.

There is an option to send a message. I often do this to give my description (e.g.: “Hi, I’m the tall guy in black with his blue bag.”). It also happened that the driver called me before arriving, but it is occasional.

The price is known in advance

uber app

When you order your ride on Uber, you have several options depending on how many people you are, whether you agree to share the ride with another person, the comfort of the car…

Each option has a price. When you validate the ride, you have a fare indicated and this is the one you pay no matter what. It’s both convenient and reassuring to know the price before the ride.

Moreover, with Uber, you always pay by credit card or PayPal, so you don’t need to carry cash all the time.

The price is often Cheaper

This is an observation made in most cities of the world. Transportation via Uber in Las Vegas is cheaper than a cab ride. The prices are close on short trips, but on longer trips, Uber is much better.

The drawbacks of Uber in Las Vegas

Waiting time

As you order your ride, the Uber driver comes to you. It can take a while for them to come to you. If you’re coming out of a show at the MGM or a field hockey game at the T-Mobile Arena, the traffic jams prevent your driver from reaching you quickly.

Some drivers don’t speak English…

But they are no less friendly than American cabs! On the contrary… In the United States, there is a real diversity among Uber drivers, whether it is in terms of age, gender or way of being.

We met a lot of immigrants, especially Latinos, who didn’t speak English. However, they use translators via their phones and are mostly friendly.

It’s better to have a friendly non-English speaker than a driver who plays loud music and drives like a crazy guy.

You need a Phone and a mobile Network

You need to use the Uber application with your phone. To do this, you need to use your mobile data. If you are American, it’s not a problem. But, if you are a tourist, it can be. Depending on your operator, the price can sometimes be very expensive.

If your phone’s battery is empty, you can’t use Uber and the cab becomes the only means of transportation.

Concerning the quality of the network, it is excellent in all Las Vegas, but less when you go close to the desert. Nevertheless, you should not expect to find many Uber or cabs in these areas…

The advantages of a cab in Las Vegas

Availability at every crowded location

As soon as you leave a hotel, you have a cab line and an employee who manages the queue of clients. It’s very convenient. This is also true when exiting most attractions.

Uber drivers also have a line out of hotels, but it’s not as smooth since everyone is looking for his driver without help or organization.

No waiting

You never wait for a cab in crowded locations. You come out of the Venetian, Las Vegas golf course or outlets, go to the cab area and get in the first one in line. You don’t waste a minute!

The drawbacks of a Las Vegas cab

las vegas cabs

A price is unknown

The ride price is not defined in advance. I remember my first trip to Las Vegas. I had a $20 bill in my pocket, and I was nervously looking at the meter hoping that it would stop increasing so fast…

This system is inconvenient, especially since when you pay, if you don’t tip enough, you can expect a cold “goodbye”.

Fortunately, cabs now accept credit cards.

The fear of unnecessary detours

In every city in the world, you have dishonest cab drivers. Not all of them are like that, but it only takes one bad experience for you to have a bad opinion of the profession.

You ask for a ride from your location to a casino and the driver takes detours that don’t save you time… He drives more and you pay more for your ride. This is unfortunately common in Las Vegas.

Finding a cab is not always easy

When you leave a hotel, you always find cabs. But, in Downtown Las Vegas or in the neighborhoods far from the Strip, the drivers are less numerous. The situation happened to us when we went to Walmart to do some shopping. There were obviously no cabs in such a non-touristic area.

Whereas with Uber, the driver comes to you, you have to call the cab service or be lucky.

We prefer Uber

For all the reasons mentioned previously, we prefer Uber in Las Vegas. Attractive prices, the possibility to order from anywhere, friendly drivers… The assets are undeniable.

The only inconvenience is the delay. The cab, available at the exit of the hotel, is faster.

Other alternatives in Las Vegas

Uber and cabs are the most popular in Vegas.

Other solutions exist. You can do like many Las Vegas residents and take the bus. There is a bus line on the Strip. It’s cheaper.

Uber’s competitor, Lyft, is an alternative. It works the same way. Many drivers are on both apps daily, sometimes taking a Lyft passenger and sometimes an Uber passenger.

You also have all the original alternatives like the limo or the Hummer that picks you up from the hotel. We had the opportunity to take a limo before our helicopter flight. The mood was cheap/fake rich rather than luxurious, but it’s still an experience to try.


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