You are currently viewing Las Vegas Outlets: what can you find there?

For a European, a trip to the United States is also an opportunity to find good deals. Indeed, brands have lower prices in the outlets than in European stores. But, even for American people, Las Vegas outlets deserve a visit.

There are several outlets in Las Vegas. Let’s discover them, as well as my tips.

The Las Vegas Outlets

There are 2 main areas of outlets in Las Vegas:

  • Las Vegas North Premium Outlets located in Grand Central Pkwy
  • Las Vegas South Premium Outlets located on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Since we didn’t want to spend our vacation shopping, we went to one outlet, the one in North Las Vegas.

We chose this one after visiting the websites of each outlet and comparing the brands.

I want to make it clear that not all brand stores in Las Vegas are outlets. This term is precise and includes only stores of big brands offering low prices. The luxury boutiques of Chanel or Dior in the Bellagio shopping mall are not outlets.

How do I get to the Outlets?

On vacation, I like to keep it simple.

So the first time, I took a cab between my hotel, the Flamingo, and the North Premium Outlets.

For the second time, with Amélie, we took the Uber between the Venetian and the outlets.

If you want to save as much money as possible, there is a bus line that has a stop at the entrance of the shopping area. Depending on your hotel, it is also possible to walk there. For example, if you’re staying at the Stratosphere, it’s just over 2 miles. It will be a lot of sweating to save a ticket, but it’s up to you!

When are the Outlets in Las Vegas open?

These are not short-lived stores. So they are there all year long. Let’s also specify that you are in the United States and not in Europe. This means that all the outlets in Las Vegas are open on Sunday.

The opening hours vary according to the day and season. The opening is at 11a.m. and the closing between 7p.m. and 9p.m.

Which outlets are in Las Vegas?

Many brands are present. The reason is simple: the areas are huge.

Take the North Premium Outlets, the shopping mall is over 50,000 square meters! Among the biggest stores, you can find Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Columbia, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Factory, Boss Outlet, Calvin Klein…

For a complete list, the official website of North Premium Outlets has a map:

timberland store in las vegas
This is the Timberland outlet store in Las Vegas.

Concerning the South Premium Outlets, the area is smaller. However, you have about 140 stores like Levi’s, Adidas, Columbia, Guess, Under Armour, Reebok, Michael Kors…

Do we do good deals in the outlets of Las Vegas?

Before going there for the first time, I had looked for reviews on the Las Vegas outlets. The main criticism against these stores is the quality of the clothes. People criticize the brands for creating collections only dedicated to the outlets, which are certainly cheaper, but of poor quality.

On the other hand, most Europeans are won over by the outlets and this is our sentiment.  I don’t know if the good deals are as interesting for the Americans. But, regarding the quality of the clothes, the best proof I can give is that I am wearing, as I write these lines, a hoodie bought at the Ralph Lauren store in 2018, washed multiple times and still in excellent condition.

Also, between us, I’d rather have an average quality of a garment designed for outlets than to buy, as in French outlets, end of collections with defects and only fluorescent colors.

As for the prices of clothes in Las Vegas outlets, they are very interesting. They have nothing to do with those seen in other stores.

Examples of Clothes bought in Las Vegas Outlets

The main reason I went to the North Las Vegas area was for the Ralph Lauren store. As one of the larger stores, it has a huge selection.

I was able to buy a pair of sweatpants for $40, two hoodies for $50/piece, long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirts for $30/piece. Similar prices are available in the Tommy Hilfiger outlet.

We also went to Lids, a store that does not exist in France. It is specialized in the sale of sportswear. For about 20 dollars per item, we took some Lakers, Golden Knights and 49ers t-shirts.

clothes bought in the outlets in Las Vegas
Here is the first batch of clothes bought in the Las Vegas outlets. For the second one, I don’t have the pictures anymore…

Among our shopping bags were also Levi’s jeans bought for around $50 each.

If you’re used to buying these brands in Europe, you’ll understand that the prices in Las Vegas are quite different.

What styles of clothing can be found at the outlets?

All of them! Americans love sportswear and there is a wide selection in this area. But, if you are looking for formal clothes, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein sell suits.

Luxury brands like Burberry also have formal clothes.

Some stores only do accessories like sunglasses, handbags, suitcases…

Men and women find their happiness. I even left with a bigger bill than my wife.

Our Opinion on the Outlets is very Positive

You have already understood: our opinion is positive. You find great deals in the outlets.

Besides, shopping in Las Vegas was clearly one of the objectives of the trip. We left with only one suitcase, part of which contained clothes in poor condition (example: faded underwear, socks with a hole…). After wearing them, we threw them away, which allowed us to make room in the suitcase to bring back to France our new clothes without paying an extra baggage fee at the airport. A cheap idea? Maybe, but I assume it!


What I like, as much as the prices, is the presence of clothes that cannot be found in Europe. If I go downtown, I can buy Ralph Lauren clothes. The prices are multiplied by 3, 4 or even 5, and on top of that, the available products consist of a few sweaters, shirts and suits. At the outlets, I bought Ralph Lauren sportswear. This example is true for many brands.

The only exceptions, and they do almost the opposite, are the French brands. I would rather buy Lacoste in France than in the Lacoste outlet store in Las Vegas.

The salespeople are friendly and never hesitate to come and offer their help. As many stores work with bonuses, the salesmen give you their first name to fill in at the checkout if you appreciated their work.

Even if the customers are able to make a mess on each shelf, the employees tidy up the store quickly and well. The piles of clothes are laid out, the sizes are visible…

Discounts are sometimes written differently than in Europe and I don’t always understand the products eligible for offers or the available discounts. Do not hesitate to ask the salesmen for information.

Important information: in the United States, the price tags don’t include taxes. So you should expect to pay about 10% more at the checkout. Normally, you will not be bothered by the customs at the airport when you bring back clothes. Nevertheless, I always prefer to remove all the tags from the clothes in my suitcase. This way, if they open my suitcase, it is impossible to know which clothes I bought in Las Vegas and which ones I already owned. Obviously, if you bring back twenty suitcases, I am not sure that the strategy works…

While researching more information for this article, I found a tip I didn’t know. If you go to the front desk of the outlets, there are coupon books. That’s a good thing to know, I’ll take advantage of it next time. So, do the same: as soon as your Uber driver drops you off, go to the front desk before going to your first store.

Finally, I strongly advise you to try on the clothes before you buy them. If the size differences between Americans and Europeans are narrowing, they still exist. It is common to wear clothes one or two sizes smaller in the United States.


As a professional blogger, I take advantage of my flexible schedule to travel a lot. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!