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After several nights spent in more luxurious hotels (Bellagio, Venetian…), we chose to end our stay in Las Vegas at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip (yes that’s the full name and it’s way too long!).

We spent six nights here. Let’s find out about rates, room types and, most importantly, the pros and cons of the hotel.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club: important information

Hilton Las Vegas location

For us, it was a priority to stay on the Strip, the main street of Las Vegas. The Hilton Grand Vacations is right on the Strip, but a little far from the most famous hotels.

To help you, here’s a small map with the Hilton framed and the center of the main activities in Las Vegas.

map hilton strip vegas
The Hilton Grand Vacations is a little far from the main casinos.

I should point out that there are several Hilton hotels in Las Vegas. So be sure to look up info on the Grand Vacations Club before considering what I write is of interest to you.

The distance between the Bellagio and the Hilton Grand Vacations is 2.2 miles, or 3.5 km. The route is straightforward. However, if we’ve done it once on foot, taking a cab or bus is more pleasant. The “10-minute” walk advertised by Booking is true to reach the first casino, but not to access the more famous ones.

It’s often hot in Las Vegas, and walking is tiring. Plus, as in most big American cities, some neighborhoods suck. This may have changed since our trip in 2018, but walking this distance on the Strip, you have time to run into a lot of panhandlers and drug addicts… During the day, it’s annoying. At night, it’s dangerous.

You won’t find the security and luxury of a hotel like Ceasars Palace anywhere else in Las Vegas!

Rooms at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club

That’s the great thing about the Las Vegas Hilton. These are not rooms, but rather suites and studios.

The Hilton Grand Vacations accommodations are

  • A 33 m² studio with kitchenette – for up to 2 people
  • A 66 m² suite with a bedroom, living room with sofa bed and kitchen (this is what we took) – for up to 4 people.
  • 99 m² suite with 2 bedrooms, living room with sofa bed and kitchen – sleeps up to 6 people
  • A 133 m² suite with 3 bedrooms, living room with sofa bed and kitchen – for up to 8 people.

This type of accommodation attracts a different clientele. For example, we met many American families with children or groups of friends at the Hilton.

Guests often stay longer than at other hotels.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club room rates

This is our second strong point. After several nights in expensive hotels, we were seduced by the attractive rates and the possibility of dining in the suite.

We were around $130/night for the 66 m2 suite in October.

Prices obviously vary according to the time of year. In mid-season, you’ll find these prices (taxes included):

  • Studio: $155/night
  • 66 m² suite: $175/night
  • 99 m² suite: $440/night
  • 133 m² suite: $900/night.

If you’re traveling as a family or a couple, the opportunity to have a very large shared space at an attractive price is an attractive one.

If you’re in the off-season and traveling with a group, I’d also recommend checking out the prices of house rentals in the suburbs. However, the big hitch will be getting around, as you’ll often have to rent a car and pay for parking around the Strip, or get a hefty cab bill…

Hotel amenities

view hilton
With no casino on site, the hotel is quiet from the moment you arrive.

The Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip isn’t the city’s top-of-the-line establishment. But this is the United States, the city of excess, and Hilton has a reputation/image to uphold.

It’s a 4-star hotel with an elegant decor. The spacious accommodations are equipped with internet access and a TV with a selection of channels.

You also have a beautiful swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness room, SPA…

There’s also a small minimarket downstairs that sells hot meals and takeaways on the hour. A free DVD rental service was also available during our stay.

We were surprised by the presence of a tour consultant. Admittedly, his interest is in selling you pass to Las Vegas, but not all canvassing is a scam. He can be a real help in discovering certain activities and offering you attractive discounts.

What to see around the Hilton?

If you’re 3 km from the hottest Vegas, you’re not in the middle of nowhere. Far from it! The Stratosphere is less than a kilometer away. We highly recommend climbing to the top of the Tower for a unique view of Las Vegas, with hotels and deserts on the horizon.

The hotel next door, the Circus Circus, has a small theme park called Adventuredome. It hasn’t aged well. However, it’s still a fun activity to do.

Description of our room at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Since you can discover the description of the accommodation on a site like Booking or, I won’t repeat it here.

Space and comfort are the two things that jump out at you as you walk through the door. The decoration of the room is not recent and you feel more like you’re renting an Airbnb than a hotel.

The kitchen is American. This means that, modest though it is, it rivals the majority of fine French kitchens. You’ve got quality equipment, space and materials.

The bedroom is more classic. It’s more than enough when you have a living room to watch TV or read.

Overall, we really enjoyed our room at the Hilton. In terms of value for money, it’s a success. The same thing closer to the heart of the Strip would be perfect.

kitchen hilton
A nice, large, fully equipped kitchen, ideal for those who don’t want to go to the restaurant for every meal.
living room hilton
The living room isn’t tastefully decorated, but is still large and practical (dining table, coffee table, sofa bed, TV).
bedroom hilton
Standard room, sufficient when the suite also includes a kitchen and living room.

Benefits of staying at the Hilton on the Las Vegas Strip

  • Large rooms
  • Practical kitchen area for long stays
  • Attractive rates
  • Quiet hotel as there is no casino
  • Numerous free services (DVD rental, tour advisor…)

List of disadvantages of the Las Vegas Hilton

  • Away from the big casinos and the main activities
  • Feeling of insecurity at night in this less popular part of the Strip
  • No nice view (especially as, in our day, several other hotels were being built in the vicinity).
  • Lacks the usual Las Vegas glitz.


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