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The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel is a historic Las Vegas landmark. While the building or design of the hotel-casino may not seem very original compared to The Venetian, Paris Hotel or Bellagio, all of which are located nearby, it does have one little gem: the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat.

What’s it all about? Find out with my explanations and Amélie’s photos.

What is the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat?

Las Vegas is a fast-paced city. On the Strip, you’ll find a stream of passers-by. In the casinos, noise and lights accompany your every step.

flamingo wildlife habitat cascades
When it’s really hot, seeing this water is a mixture of frustration and pleasure!

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is an escape from all that. Nestled within the Flamingo Las Vegas facilities, it consists of a mix of gardens, waterfalls and exotic wildlife.

Flamingos are obviously the symbols of the hotel, but they’re not the only animals at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. You’ll also find other birds, fish and turtles.

flamingo wildlife habitat animals
The pink flamingos are the hotel’s symbol.

But don’t expect a large-scale zoo. It’s just one hectare in size.

Where to see the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat?

As the name suggests, the attraction is located within the Flamingo Hotel.

More concretely, the hotel buildings form a small “U” with a large façade overlooking the Strip. The Wildlife Habitat is in the middle of this “U”.

map flamingo wildlife habitat
The space is located at the rear of Flamingo Las Vegas.

There are several ways of accessing this area. There are several doors into this area, such as the one opposite the elevators leading up to the rooms, or the one next to the “Carlos’N Charlies” bar.

Access is also from the outside at the back of the hotel. Amélie and I spent several days at the Hilton Hotel behind the Flamingo, and we had quick access to the Wildlife Habitat via a small path next to the cab and Uber area of the Flamingo Hotel.

Is it free to see the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat?

Yes, it’s free for everyone. Whether you’re staying at the Flamingo Hotel or not, access is open to all.

I should point out that this free access for all is only possible for the Wildlife Habitat. The Flamingo’s pools, adjacent to this natural area, are free for hotel guests and chargeable for others.

flamingo wildlife habitat free
A free activity open every day.

What are the opening hours for Flamingo Wildlife Habitat?

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Is the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat worth a visit?

A visit is probably too strong a word. As I said earlier, this space is only one hectare in size. In the pictures, you get the impression that it’s big. In reality, you spend less than ten minutes in the area.

flamingo wildlife habitat board
During your breaks, read the wildlife information panels.

There are several animal pools and a lovely waterfall. But the walking path is still small. So it’s possible to stop and watch the flamingos or the turtles, but if 50 or so people have the same idea as you, no one can go any further.

It’s also fair to ask whether the animals are happy in such a small space. The same space, calm and green, would suit me just fine even without the presence of animals.

There are a few places to sit, notably at the fountain in the middle of the area. Resting and chatting here is very relaxing.

Amélie and I used to love stopping off at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, especially at the end of the day when the area’s quietness was great for clearing the head.

flamingo wildlife habitat las vegas
A bit of greenery is always good for morale!

If you’re not staying nearby, it’s probably not worth making the detour to see it. If you are, a short walk to and around the site will do you a world of good.

Or you can do what we did on our first trip to Las Vegas. You list all the beautiful free things to see in the area and do them one after the other: Wildlife Habitat, the canals at The Venetian, Fall of Atlantis at the Forum Shops at Caesars, the fountains and flowerbed at the Bellagio, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas… And yes, apart from the casinos, there’s plenty to see in Las Vegas!


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