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Located in Rust, Germany, Europa-Park is one of Europe’s best known theme parks.

Between attractions, sensational rides and animations, families and friends, young and old, have a great time.

If you’re planning to visit, here’s all the information you need to know about Europa-Park before you book your tickets.

Europa-Park: an extraordinary German amusement park!

Europa-Park is a breathtaking German theme park. With its roller coasters, water rides, children’s rides, dazzling shows, restaurants and stores, this park is a destination for the whole family.

road europa park
The areas offer beautiful backdrops | Source: Claudia Evans /

The park is divided into 18 thematic zones inspired by the different countries of Europe, offering a unique immersive experience. The attractions in each zone are designed to captivate and amaze visitors, transporting them through the history and culture of each country.

Renowned in the theme park sector, Europa-Park is constantly at the forefront of technology and never hesitates to integrate innovations such as virtual reality.

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Source: Claudia Evans /

Most visitors take a whole day to enjoy Europa-Park. But two-day tickets are also available for those who want more!

Highlights of a visit to Europa-Park

  • Variety of attractions for all ages and sensations, including thrilling roller coasters, water rides and lower adrenaline rides for kids.
  • 18 thematic zones inspired by the different countries of Europe allowing having fun through the themes.
  • Captivating shows throughout the day, ranging from dance performances to magic shows to aerial acrobatics.
  • A nice offer of restaurants and stores.
  • Technological innovations integrated into the latest attractions.

Disadvantages of a visit to Europa-Park

  • The price of tickets is a big expense for large families. However, Europa-Park offers family packages.
  • The park is regularly crowded during school vacations and weekends.


What can you see during a visit to Europa Park?

A visit to Europa-Park is an experience not to be missed. The park offers a wide variety of activities for all ages and tastes.

euro mir
Roller coasters, always full of thrills | Source: Julian Hopff /

For thrill seekers, roller coasters are a must. The most adrenaline-filled rides are Silver Star, Blue Fire Megacoaster, Wodan – Timburcoaster or Alpenexpress.

Water attractions such as Atlantica SuperSplash or Poseidon are also popular with visitors looking for a cooler place to stay. In the summer, they are both refreshing and entertaining!

europa park aquatic attraction
Water attractions are always popular | Source: Claudia Evans

The kids are not left out with rides designed especially for them in the Enchanted Kingdom zone or in the Arthur zone.

If you prefer live entertainment, Europa-Park occasionally offers incredible performances such as the Holiday on Ice ballet show or the Christmas Circus.


What is the entrance fee to Europa Park?

One important piece of information to know. The price of the tickets is 10€ more expensive when you buy them at the park rather than online. For this reason, always buy them in advance.

With this process, you will pay for a 1-day ticket to Europa-Park:

  • Free for children 0 to 3 years old
  • 49€ to 56€ for children from 4 to 11 years old
  • 57.50€ to 65€ for adults (over 12 years old)
  • 49€ to 56€ for Seniors (over 60 years old).

If you want to make the most of Europa-Park, buy 2-day tickets:

  • Free for children 0 to 3 years old
  • 90€ to 102€ for children from 4 to 11 years old
  • 109€ to 123€ for adults (over 12 years old)
  • 90€ to 102€ for Seniors (over 60 years old).

In addition to the purchase of tickets, you should also consider the cost of parking. Visitor parking is 8€ per day, while another parking lot directly at the main entrance of the park is 22€.

Buy tickets at the best price.

How long does a visit to Europa Park last?

It all depends on your love for the attractions! But it is highly recommended to arrive early in the morning, take full advantage of other people’s lunch break to ride the attractions without waiting long and continue until closing time.

wild water raft
Hours of entertainment are possible at Europa-Park!

A visit to Europa-Park often takes more than 5 hours.


Where is Europa-Park located?

The address is Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany.


How to get to Europa-Park?

Getting to Europa-Park is relatively easy because the park is in a central area of Europe:

  • By car: Europa-Park is in Rust, about 20 km from Freiburg im Breisgau. There are major roads that allow you to make this short trip. Once you arrive, park in one of the Europa-Park parking lots.
  • By train: The nearest train station is Ringsheim, which is 4 km from Europa-Park. Free shuttle buses to the park are available from the station.
  • By plane: The park is accessible from several international airports, such as Strasbourg airport (60 km away), Basel-Mulhouse airport (90 km away) or Frankfurt airport (200 km away).


What are the opening hours of Europa-Park?

The opening hours of Europa-Park change, according to the season. For example, the park is open:

  • Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the summer and Halloween
  • Every day from 11a.m. to 7p.m. during the winter.

Europa-Park has a few days of annual closure such as December 24 and 25.


I visited Europa-Park: here is my opinion!

I had the privilege to visit Europa Park recently. Attending a trade show in Colmar, I thought I was in the perfect place to finally visit this park that everyone has been talking about for years. The experience lived up to my expectations.

First, this park offers an impressive selection of rides. It’s rare to find so many thrill rides in one place!

The roller coasters like the “Silver Star” and the “Wodan Timbur Coaster” are a must. Amélie accompanied me and we loved it. Moreover, we did this visit on a weekday at the end of April and the low number of tourists allowed us to ride each attraction several times.

These intense and exciting rides guarantee an adrenaline rush and a thrill that will stay with you forever.

Secondly, the park’s universe is charming. Europa Park takes us on an entertaining European tour with its thematic zones dedicated to different European countries. Not much attracted by the Disney universe, I prefer the settings of Europa-Park to those of Disneyworld, even if they are less magical. They remain detailed, immersive and make each landscape particularly attractive.

Another positive point is that Europa Park is very well organized and clean. Friends who visited the park in the summer told me that the wait for the attractions was reasonable even on the busiest days.

So, if you like amusement parks, Europa-Park seems to me to be a great idea for an outing!


What other activities can I do near Europa-Park?

There are several activities to do near Europa-Park if you want to extend your stay. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Freiburg im Breisgau: This historic German city is well worth a visit. You can discover beautiful cobblestone streets, old churches and colorful buildings.
  • The Black Forest: With its mountainous landscapes and vast expanses of forest, the Black Forest is an ideal place for nature lovers. Hiking, mountain biking, hiking, waterfall visits are waiting for you for unforgettable moments.
  • Hohenzollern Castle: Located about an hour’s drive from Europa-Park, this castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany.
  • A day in Strasbourg: Strasbourg is famous for its Gothic cathedral, its picturesque canals, and its charming historic district full of small stores and restaurants.


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