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In Las Vegas, there are dozens if not hundreds of things to see. Among them, some are noticeable as soon as you arrive by plane. This is the case of the great tower of the Stratosphere Hotel or the Eiffel Tower.

This faithful reproduction of the Parisian tower attracts everyone’s attention. We visited it by climbing to its top. Would you like to do the same? Find out all the important information about the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas.

In which hotel is the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, hotels compete in ingenuity to stand out from the others. Most hotels have a distinctive sign: the fountains of the Bellagio, the canals of the Venetian, the pyramid of the Luxor, the Statue of Liberty of the New York New York…

The Eiffel Tower is the distinctive sign of the Paris Las Vegas hotel. With such a hotel name, the choice was not complicated. When they imagine the French capital, all tourists in the world immediately think of the Eiffel Tower…

The reproduction of the Eiffel Tower is visible on the main street of Las Vegas called “Strip”. One foot is outside, the others are inside the casino itself.


Why did the Paris hotel build a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower?

As mentioned earlier, the creation of this reproduction allows the hotel to stand out from the others and this is no small feat since the Paris Las Vegas hotel is in the center of the Strip, in the middle of the most luxurious establishments.

The objective was to create a universe that really reminds us of the city of Paris. In addition to the Eiffel Tower, the interior of the hotel is reminiscent of Paris, or at least the image that Americans have of Paris. Metal street lamps, cobblestone streets, small bakeries, the hotel is Parisian in every detail.

Even better, in addition to the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find a reproduction of the Arc de Triomphe, the Fountain of the Seas in Place Concorde and the Montgolfier brothers’ aerostat inside the casino.

How big is the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas?

The Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas is half the size of the “real” one. It is 541 feet high. It exceeds the casino building which is 3647 feet high.

During our visit, we learned that there is only one reason why it is smaller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris: the presence of the airport behind the casinos. Indeed, for security reasons, the hotel could not build a taller building. With the prevailing megalomania in Las Vegas, there is no doubt that without this prohibition, the owners would have created a gigantic tower exceeding the original…

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How to climb the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas?

paris tower view
This magnificent view is possible after the elevator!

To climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel, you must purchase tickets. To do so, enter the casino through the main entrance and look for the “Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck“. Signs will indicate its presence.

At this desk, you buy your tickets and then the employee shows you the way to the elevator that takes you to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Indeed, unlike in Paris, the ascent is not possible by stairs, you can only go to the top via the elevator.

How much does it cost an Eiffel Tower ticket?

The price of a ticket to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower is $24.50 + fees, or $30.25.

For a child between 4 and 12 years old, the price of the ticket is $19.50 + fees, or $25.25.

If you are over 65 years old, the presentation of your ID card allows you to benefit from a $5 discount.

The rates and conditions I give are valid today. If you are reading this article in a year, they may be different.

After purchase, the ticket is valid for 3 days. For practical reasons, we bought our ticket just before visiting the Eiffel Tower. There was no one at the ticket office and in the big elevator, we were only four people. Taking the ticket in advance is therefore not an obligation.

However, it is possible. With an online purchase, you get an electronic ticket on your smartphone.



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