You are currently viewing Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay in Las Vegas: good value for money?

Eating out in Las Vegas is both simple and complicated. Simple because there are so many restaurants to choose from. Complicated because the prices are expensive, the wait can be long and, as Europeans, the food is much fattier than what we usually eat.

During our stay, we ate once at Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay located in the Paris Las Vegas hotel. What did we think of it? What does it offer? What are the prices?

What is Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay?

Bobby’s Burgers is a chain of restaurants offering more elaborate burgers than standard fast food. It was founded by Bobby Flay, a chef famous in the USA both for his cooking and his TV appearances.

Born in 2021, Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay is well established in Las Vegas. You’ll recognize its storefront by its blue and white colors.

Where can I find at Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay restaurant?

At the time of writing, Bobby’s Burgers has 5 locations in the U.S., including 3 in Las Vegas.

Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay restaurants in Las Vegas are located at :

  • Caesars Palace Las Vegas (Forum Food Hall)
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas (Fulton Street Food Hall)
  • Paris Las Vegas (Le Boulevard).

Staying at the Paris Las Vegas, we tried out the hotel’s restaurant. It’s conveniently located right next to the elevators leading to the rooms.

Does Bobby’s Burgers sell takeaway?

Yes, seating at Bobby’s Burgers at Paris Las Vegas is limited. So takeaway may be the only option when you visit.

In order to be able to eat in the room, we took some takeaway.

Amélie ordered on the spot and we took the food to the room. Delivery options are also available, notably with Caesars Eats, an in-room delivery service at Caesars Group hotels.

So, to sum up, you can eat in, order “to go” (order on the spot and take it away), “pick up” (order on the Internet and pick it up) or “delivery” (order on the Internet and have it delivered to your room).

What do you eat at Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay?

Burgers! It’s obvious with a name like that.

There are currently just under a dozen burgers on the menu. All are beef burgers by default, but veggie patty and grilled chicken are available on request.

In addition, there are sides: French fries, cheese fries, cheese and bacon fries, sweet potato fries and fried onions. A few drinks and shakes are also available.

The other part of the offer concerns breakfast. Americans love to make a complete breakfast. It’s only sold between 7 and 11 a.m. You’ll find a burger, bacon sandwich, burrito or Greek yogurt.

What are the prices at Bobby’s Burgers? What is the restaurant menu?

Let’s answer both questions at once. Here are the products sold and the prices in effect at the time of our visit.

Burgers and sides :

food Bobby Burgers

Beverages and breakfast :

menu Bobby Burgers

The prices seem right to me. A little high, but within Las Vegas standards. A lower-priced menu option wouldn’t go amiss.

Our review of Bobby’s Burgers by Bobby Flay

Welcomed with a smile by the waitress, we appreciated the quick preparation of the burgers, despite a midafternoon visit.

Our order contained

  • Crunchburger with cheese fries
  • A Bobby’s Veggie Burger with sweet potato fries.

Accustomed to eating very average things in Las Vegas, I was positively surprised by these burgers. The size isn’t huge, but it’s more than enough to wedge in one burger.

The taste was spot on. The sauce was good, the meat less fatty than is often the case in the United States, and my only disappointment was the chips. An original idea, these potato chips weren’t crunchy and doughy. As a result, the “crunch” announced in the product name was absent.

I loved the cheese in the fries. It’s not served with any finesse, as the employee ladles on cheese sauce as if it were a pot of soup. American culinary style!

Amélie’s sweet potato fries were less fatty, but more stomach-churning. The taste of the veggie burger was satisfying. The ingredients in the veggie version are more original than those often found in fast food (quinoa, chickpeas, grilled mushrooms…). On the downside, Amélie regretted the lack of consistency in the “veggie patty,” as it tended to break with each bite.

To whet your appetite, here are some photos of our meal:

Bobby Burgers veggie burger
Amélie’s Bobby’s Veggie Burger…
Bobby Burgers sweet potatoes
and its sweet potato fries!
Bobby Burgers crunchburger
My Crunchburger…
Bobby Burgers fries cheese
and my delicious cheese fries!

I was surprised to see so many negative reviews on the restaurant’s Google page after the meal. Many people pointed out the poor quality/price ratio of the establishment. However, I’m more shocked to see a $50 beefsteak and fries in a Las Vegas brasserie than the prices at Bobby’s Burgers.

Similarly, if you boil down the rating to a comparison between price and quantity, a bad review is understandable. Without being a gourmet, I’m not one of those people who want to eat as much as possible in a restaurant.

Personally, less than $50 for two, great flavors and a few reviews, I’d rate it slightly above average. In Las Vegas, I’m not so kind to all restaurants…


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