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It’s simple: I love Las Vegas. The “city that never sleeps” is bursting with activity. Those who think that Las Vegas is all about casino gambling are wrong. Cultural visits, attractions, museums, shows, sports… If you plan your trip well, you’ll never get bored!

Discover an impressive selection of 97 things to do in Las Vegas.

The ranking and order of activities aren’t the best organized, but my goal is to offer you a monstrous list of things to do in Las Vegas. I hope it inspires you and fills your vacation planning!


Las Vegas attractions, games and monuments

1.      Stratosphere Observation Deck

Stratosphere Observation Deck

Climb to the very top of the tallest tower in Las Vegas. At almost 350 meters high, the view of Las Vegas is unique. On one side are the hotels, on the other the residential suburbs and the desert. At night, the contrast between the lights of the city and the nothingness of the desert is astonishing


2.      Stratospheric attractions

Stratospheric attractions

Many people climb to the top of the Stratosphere just to admire the view. But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll want to take in some of the rides. Choose between Big Shot and X-Scream. For the brave, there’s even bungee jumping with Skyjump. But jumping into the void at this height isn’t for everyone!

Location: inside the Stratosphere Las Vegas hotel

Price: Attractions are additional to Observation Deck access. Skyjump starts at $139.

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3.      High Roller

high roller
Source: Ken Lund –

Reaching a height of 167 meters, the Las Vegas Ferris wheel is awe-inspiring. Climb aboard one of its large cabins and take to the skies. My advice? Do the activity at night to make the most of the Las Vegas lights. You can also reserve a cabin with a bar and enjoy several drinks throughout the activity.

Location: at the end of The Linq Promenade

Price: $23 per day, $35 per night

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4.      Eiffel Tower Observation Deck

Eiffel Tower Observation Deck

The Stratosphere remains the best place for a magnificent view of Las Vegas. The view from the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas is a close second. The wire mesh at the top obscures the view from the Stratosphere, but you’re in the best spot on the Strip. A small hole in the ground makes for a photo that’s both beautiful and scary!


5.      The Big Apple Coaster

big apple coaster
Source: Reinhard Link –

It’s the star attraction of the New York New York hotel. These large roller coasters will set off a salvo of emotions! After your ride, don’t hesitate to discover the hotel’s big arcade: The Big Apple Arcade.


6.      Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Experience freefall! Thanks to gigantic blowers, you can experience the thrill of skydiving indoors. Remember to book in advance, as this activity often sells out.

Location: 200 Convention Center Dr, just past the Wynn Hotel

Price: $149

Official website:


7. Omega Mart

Omega Mart

In Area15, discover a magical world. You enter a supermarket typical of the United States of yesteryear. But there’s a surprise in store: the place is immersive. It’s a blend of play and art. The video presentation of the activity is really appealing. A moment of magic in the middle of Las Vegas!


8.      FlyOver


Embark for the wilderness. On a gondola, suspended high above the ground, you gaze at a large canvas. On it, a magnificent landscape such as Iceland or the Canadian Rockies is revealed.

To the rhythm of the video and the gondola’s movements, you have the impression of plunging into the void, climbing, accelerating… A few surprises await you during the ten-minute experience.

Location: just before the MGM Grand

Price: $36 for one simulation, $57 for 2 simulations, $65 for 2 simulations and a drink

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9. Illuminarium Las Vegas

Illuminarium Las Vegas

In a room surrounded by canvases, universes are displayed. Depending on the period, you can experience a safari, a trip to the Moon or even a soccer match. As the room is large, you’re free to sit, stand or walk.

Location : AREA15

Price: $35

Official website:


10.  A gondola ride at The Venetian

gondola ride at The Venetian

The Venetian is one of the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas. Reproducing the charm of the Italian city of Venice, the hotel features man-made water canals. Hop on a gondola and cruise through the canals outside the hotel and inside the shopping center. The gondolier can even sing a song.

The activity is quite expensive, especially when you add the tip, but the charm is certain. It’s hard to find a more romantic activity in Las Vegas!

Location: The Venetian

Prices: from $34, plus tips and any extras (e.g. $32 for a photo pack).

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11.  Barbie Exhibition

Barbie Exhibition

Are you a fan of Barbie dolls? You’ve got to see the magnificent Barbie boutique collection located in the Shops at Crystals. An exhibition of rare Barbies is on display.

Location: The Shops at Crystals

Price: $24.95 (information not found on the official website, as they don’t have one at the moment)


12.  Dig This

Dig This

Am I allowed to think that this Las Vegas activity surely only attracts men? Climb into a backhoe and make holes. Not finesse, but metal and construction worker tasks.

Better still, for a high price, you can break cars with your machine! A wide range of equipment and experiences are available.

Location: 800 W Roban Ave, south of town.

Prices: from $175, with the most expensive experiences approaching a thousand dollars.

Official website:


13.  The Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill

Even though it’s a restaurant, I couldn’t put it in the cultural activities… The Heart Attack Grill promotes fat, huge quantities and cardiac arrest!

In a zany setting, with a patient’s gown on your back and waitresses in the nurse’s outfits, you eat huge burgers. Finish your plate, because small stomachs are rewarded with a public spanking.

A visit made more for the concept than for the quality of the food.

Location: Freemont Street

Price: more expensive than fast food, but prices are reasonable for the quantity.

Official website:


14.  Adventuredome Theme Park

Adventuredome Theme Park

Located in the Circus Circus hotel, this indoor amusement park delights children and adults alike. Some twenty attractions are available.

An activity like this can keep youngsters entertained for hours.

Location: Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

Price: from $25

Official website:


15.  SlotZilla Zip Line

SlotZilla Zip Line

This is the most famous zip line in Las Vegas. Located on Freemont’s main street, you descend at full speed with passers-by beneath your feet.

At night, the crowds are more compact and the adrenalin is more intense.

Location: Freemont Street Experience

Price: $54

Official website:


16.  Battlefield Vegas

Battlefield Vegas

There are several shooting ranges in Las Vegas, but Battlefield seems to me to be the best. The main reason is its mind-boggling choice of weapons.

Are you a beginner? Pick up a revolver. Are you a seasoned shooter? Try an assault rifle. Suffering from a mental illness that makes you want to destroy everything? Shoot it with a tank. No, I’m not kidding: the experience is possible.

Location: behind Circus Circus

Price: from $50. Prices depend on weapons and quantity of ammunition. To drive a tank, you’ll need at least $2,500.

Official website:


17.  Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Enter the store of the world’s most famous pawnbroker, as seen on Pawn Stars. Rick Harrison and his team welcome a considerable number of visitors, many of them tourists who come out of curiosity.

Barring any exceptional surprises, don’t expect to run into Rick or his son, but rather unknown employees not seen on the show. The queue to get in can be very long.

If you really love the show, try a guided tour to find out as much as you can.

Location: North of the Strip, between the Strat Hotel and Freemont Street Experience

Price: free, unless you’re into collectibles!

Official website:

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18.  Fly Linq Zipline

Fly Linq Zipline

This is the second zip line in Las Vegas. At a height of over 40 meters, you descend at high speed over buildings. Getting this close to the buildings is a real adrenaline rush.

This Zipline has a less festive atmosphere than Freemont, but the view during your descent is far more beautiful. You’re in the open air, between hotels and with the desert in the background.


19.  WSOP tournaments
WSOP tournaments

What if you were to become world poker champion? Let’s face it, you don’t become one overnight. But anyone can take part. Every year, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) takes place in Las Vegas.

Of course, many other tournament series take place throughout the year, but I wanted to mention the best-known event in the world.

Location: Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas

Prizes: this depends on the tournament. First prices start at a few hundred dollars.


20.  Pinball Hall of Fame


Is it an arcade or a museum dedicated to pinball machines? The sheer number of machines on display is impressive. Several hundred pinball machines await you.

Games are inexpensive and won’t break the bank as much as casino games. Spending a whole afternoon at Pinball Hall of Fame will only cost you a few dozen dollars.

Location: south of the Strip, just past Mandalay Bay

Price: a few cents per game

Official website:


21.  Race car driving with SpeedVegas

Several companies offer the chance to drive racing cars on circuits. SpeedVegas is probably the best known.

From go-karting to Ferraris and buggies in the desert, a wide range of driving experiences await you.

The price depends on the vehicle and the number of laps. Specialists recommend avoiding the minimum number of laps, as the activity stops just as you’re getting to know the car.

Location: to the south, on the outskirts of town.

Price: from $149

Official website:


22.  Learning to play casino games

Before you place your first bets on the casino gaming tables, learn the casino rules. Some casinos offer weekly sessions where you can learn the basic rules and strategies. This is ideal for games like craps, which are complicated for beginners.


23.  High Roller rooms in casinos

If you already know the rules and have a big budget for casino play, try the VIP rooms, also known as “High Roller” rooms. Minimum bets are high, but these rooms are much quieter than the rest of the casino, and you’ll be pampered by the staff. You won’t have to wait an hour to be offered a drink by a waitress.

All the big Las Vegas casinos have an area reserved for big bets, with mainly slot machines inside.


24.  Wynn Golf Club

Wynn Golf Club

The desert environment of Las Vegas does not prevent the city from boasting some lovely golf courses. The most popular seems to be the Wynn Hotel. The course is large and magnificent, with lots of greenery.

This golf club doesn’t offer introductory lessons and is aimed at a wealthy clientele. For those on a budget, look for an alternative. To make a reservation, please contact the establishment by telephone.

Location: Wynn Las Vegas

Official website:


25.  Marvel Avengers Station

Marvel Avengers Station

Are you a fan of Marvel movies? If so, this is the activity for you in Las Vegas. You’ll enjoy an immersive experience in a stunning collection of Avengers objects. You interact with the decor and the objects, and if you succeed, you’ll be eligible to join the Avengers team!

Location :Treasure Island

Price: $40

Official website:


26.  The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

The basic idea is similar to that of the previous activity, but this time you’re playing in The Hunger Games saga.  Take on the role of Katniss Everdeen’s and join the rebellion. All in the company of costumes and objects typical of the films.

Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas

Price: $34.95

Official website:


27.  Asylum-Hotel Fear Haunted House

Do you like to be scared? This ideal Las Vegas Halloween activity takes you to a former asylum. Now a haunted house, you’ll go from discovery to discovery. Will you be brave enough to go all the way?

Location :Meadow Lane, north-east of The Strat Hotel

Official website:


28.  Escape Blair Witch

Escape Blair Witch

This is probably the best escape game in Las Vegas. The reviews are rave reviews. Inside a room worthy of a Blair Witch movie set, i.e. a bit creepy and creepy, you’re looking for how to escape.

Location: near The Strat Hotel

Price: $55.99

Official website:


29.  Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book

Are you a betting man? Reserve your seat in the betting room at Caesars Palace. This legendary venue attracts a lot of punters. On Sunday afternoons, the days of the NFL, it’s packed. Without a ticket, you can see the screens from a distance, but you don’t have access to the seats or the small grandstand.

Of course, many other betting halls exist in Las Vegas, but few have the charm of the one at Caesars Palace.

Location: Caesars Palace

Price: depends on the venue, but in the NFL playoffs, prices ranged from $90 to $450 for the day!

Official website:


30.  Lost Spirits Distillery Las Vegas

Another great activity available at AREA15. This time, you’re transported back for a moment to life during Prohibition. While you enjoy a drink in a magnificent room, artists take turns to entertain you.

Location : AREA15

Price: $59

Official website:


31.  The pools at Mandalay Bay… and at other hotels!

pools at Mandalay Bay

Many tourists spend their days at the pool. In summer, when temperatures are extremely hot, you’re happy to enjoy the coolness of the pool. Many pools are beautiful, but those at Mandalay Bay are often cited as the best. This is a true aquatic center.

But if you’re staying far away, feel free to go to another pool. Normally, access to the pool is free for guests and charged with others. On the other hand, prices for drinks and seats, and even more so for pool cabins, are quite high.

Location: Mandalay Bay

Official website:


32.  Getting married at Little White Chapel

Little White Chapel

What could be more mythical than a Las Vegas wedding? It’s a real business. Several chapels exist, but you can try one of the best known: Little White Chapel.

Supplements such as a Cadillac rental and a flowerbed are available.

Location: North of the Strip, between the Strat Hotel and Freemont Street Experience

Price: $175 for the ceremony. Many extras available.

Official website:



Cultural visits in Las Vegas

1. Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds has several wax statue museums around the world. In the Las Vegas museum, you’ll find celebrities from the USA, some of whom have contributed to the fame of Las Vegas. In addition, you can enjoy a drink in a bar reminiscent of the film “The Hangover”.

If you arrive early in the morning, you’ll see very few visitors and have plenty of time to take selfies with the museum’s wax dolls.


2.      The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum

This is the most popular museum in Las Vegas. It traces the history of the Mafia in the United States. Period weapons, crime stories and artifacts are on display on three floors. Famous mobsters such as Al Capone and Lucky Luciano, as well as El Chapo and Pablo Escobar, are featured in the museum. Allow several hours to visit the entire museum.

Interactive experiences such as an expert’s office to search for evidence of a crime or a Prohibition-era bar are available. All set in a magnificent building.

Location: near Freemont Street, north of Las Vegas

Price: $29.95 for a classic entry, $44.95 for an entry with one interactive experience, $48.95 for an entry with two interactive experiences

Official website:

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3.      Shelby American Inc.

Shelby American Inc.

Is there a more legendary car than the Shelby? In Las Vegas, you’ll find a magnificent exhibition featuring Shelby vehicles from every era. For car enthusiasts, it’s a daydream.

Location: south of the Strip, past Mandalay Bay

Price: $59

Official website:


4. The National Atomic Museum

Nevada has played host to numerous atomic tests. Carried out in the desert, they left their mark on the city’s history and attracted crowds of tourists happy to admire the explosions from afar.

In the museum dedicated to atomic testing, learn more about this history, the lives of the scientists, the stories of the participants and discover artifacts.

The media are varied: information panels, videos, interactive terminals, objects…

Location: Flamingo Road, east of Flamingo Las Vegas

Price: $29

Official website:


5.      King’s Tut

King's Tut

This Luxor Museum dates back a few years. It takes you back to the discovery of King’s Tut tomb. Interesting information is given on the archaeologists, the objects found and the life of the Egyptians.

The museum is small, the price high for a short visit, but it’s still a pleasant museum to see.

Location: Luxor

Price: $30 (higher packages with souvenirs are available).

Our article:

Official website:

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6.      The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum

An open museum, The Neon Museum boasts an impressive collection of neon signs. You’ll see old neon signs from hotels, casinos and famous brands.

The entire museum covers more than 2.5 hectares. It is one of the most visited museums in Las Vegas.

It’s highly recommended to visit at night, so that the neon lights look their best.

Location: north of Las Vegas

Price:$20 during the day, $28 at night, many other packages available between $23 and $50.

Official website:


7. Titanic: The Artifact Museum

Titanic: The Artifact Museum

This museum is dedicated to history’s most famous shipwreck: the Titanic. Inside, you’ll find: objects that were once on the Titanic, the reconstruction of a lower-class bedroom, the magnificent staircase… At the very end, a salvaged part of the wreck is on display.

This is a people’s museum. Visit during off-peak hours for the peace and quiet you need to see as many objects as possible.


8. Burlesque All of Fame

Burlesque All of Fame

Burlesque and Las Vegas are one and the same. In this museum, you can trace the history of these shows and admire hundreds of costumes and objects.

Although not one of the most visited museums in Las Vegas, it has a very high rating on tourism sites.

Location: between the Strat Hotel and Freemont Street, east of the Strip

Price: $15

Official website:


9. Nevada State Museum

Nevada State Museum

Las Vegas is home to one of Nevada’s seven state museums. The collection is very varied, with science, history and a wide range of objects: animals, uniforms, weapons, vehicles, plants…

As this is a not-for-profit museum, the price is extremely attractive. For children and adults alike, you’ll leave the museum better educated than when you entered!

Location: Las Vegas Springs Preserve, west of Downtown Las Vegas

Price: $9.95

Official website:


10.  Erotic Heritage Museum

Erotic Heritage Museum

For adults, especially couples, bring a little eroticism to your trip to Las Vegas. The Erotic Heritage Museum is one of the city’s most famous attractions, although visitor ratings are good without being exceptional.

You’ll discover adult film sets, sex-related art objects, costumes… In the evening, a ticketed show is on view.

Location: between Wynn and AREA15

Price: $24

Official website:


11.  Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

A majestic hotel, the Bellagio is one of the finest establishments in Las Vegas. Its art collection can be seen in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. The number of works is modest, but the price of admission is low.

Of course, the pieces on display are for sale. If you have a few thousand dollars to spend on decorating your living room, don’t hesitate to make a purchase!


12.  Museum of Selfies

Museum of Selfies

Selfies are all the rage, and (almost) everyone loves to take pictures of themselves in memorable settings. Museum of Selfies taps into this trend.

Numerous staging options allow you to take exceptional selfies. Museum staff are on hand to help you immortalize the moment.

Location: Linq Promenade

Price: $30

Official website:


13.  Count’s Kustoms

Count's Kustoms

This vehicle restoration service does extraordinary work. Whether on motorcycles or cars, their talent shines through.

As they are above all enthusiasts, access to their store is free of charge. You’ll discover a collection of restorations and unique vehicles.

Paid guided tours are available on sites such as GetyourGuide.

Location: near Circus Circus

Price: free of charge

Official website:

Book a guided tour on GetyourGuide


14.  Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

The largest aquarium in Las Vegas! The Mandalay Bay Aquarium’s best-known attraction is the sharks. Large windows let you see the sharks swimming alongside you and above your head.

The visit is relatively short if you don’t make a stop, but the aquarium seems to appeal to tourists (which we didn’t).


15.  Kush Fine Art Las Vegas

Visit Vladimir Kush’s art gallery.

Location: The Forum Shops at Caeasars

Price: free, the artist’s works are on sale in the gallery.

Official website:


16.  Liberace Museum

Liberace Museum

Discover a priceless collection of Michael Jackson costumes, documents and personal items. The Liberace Museum Collection at Thriller Villa makes it possible.

These visits take place with few customers, so the price is high.


17.  Liberace Garage

Liberace Garage

The Liberace garage is full of treasures. Admire Rolls-Royces and other legendary cars.

Location: Dean Martin Dr, east of the Excalibur Hotel

Price: $19.95


18.  Lion Habitat Ranch

lion Habitat Ranch

Do you love savanna animals? Lion Habitat Ranch is a lion sanctuary. Highly rated on Google, this sanctuary lets you get up close to around 30 lions and other animals.

Location: south of the city, close to other activities recommended in this article, such as Dig This and Speed Vegas.

Price: $25, supplements such as Behind the Scenes Tour ($150) are available.

Official website:


19.  Bodies: The Exhibition

Bodies: The Exhibition

Among the Luxor museums, Bodies seems to attract the most visitors. Organs, emaciated bodies and other exhibits provide a fascinating insight into the human body.


20.  Real Bodies at Bally’s

Located at Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s), this exhibit is similar to the one at Luxor. Preserved bodies and organs are on display at this Las Vegas science museum.

Location: Horseshoe Las Vegas

Price: $29.50

Official website:


21.  Old Las Vegas Mormont Fort State

Old Las Vegas Mormont Fort State

Experience a recreation of the pioneers’ arrival in Las Vegas. This well-preserved Mormon fort, built in 1855, takes you back in time. And all for a small fee, as this is a Nevada National Park.

Location: Washington Ave, north of the city and close to The Mob Museum.

Price: $3

Official website:


22.  Hell’s Kitchen

Let’s move on to the food! Hell’s Kitchen is a restaurant inspired by the TV show hosted by Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay. Although prices are a little high, many tourists eat here.

Location: Caesars Palace

Price: starter, main course and dessert around $100 per person

Official website:


23.  Nobu


Nobu is high-end Japanese cuisine. Several establishments are located in Las Vegas. If you want to eat the best of Japanese gastronomy, you’ve got to go there!

Location: Caesars Palace, Virgin Hotel and Paris Las Vegas

Price: easily up to $200 per person

Official website:


24.  Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Another luxury restaurant! This time, the location is magical, as the room is in the reproduction of the Eiffel Tower. Sitting close to the windows, you can even see the Bellagio fountains. A first-rate location for a romantic dinner.

Location: Paris Las Vegas

Price: starter, main course and dessert around $150 per person

Official website:


25.  Minus5 Icebar

Minus5 Icebar

As the name suggests, have a drink in a frozen bar. Warmly dressed, in an original setting, you warm your body and mind with your friends while sipping a cocktail. The concept is available in several Las Vegas locations.

Location: Linq Promenade, The Venetian and Mandalay Bay

Price: from $13 to $75

Official website:


26.  Skybar


Visit the most beautiful bar in Las Vegas. Located on a high floor, you’ll enjoy a view that’s simply unique. The best time to visit is at night. The lights of Las Vegas are revealed before your very eyes.

Location: Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, near Aria Resort & Casino

Price: $20 to $35 for a cocktail, $70 to $650 for a bottle of wine

Official website:


Las Vegas shows

1.      Cirque du Soleil shows

Cirque du Soleil shows are the best shows in Las Vegas. Just look at the reviews to see for yourself. Currently, you have 6: The Beatles Love, Mad Apple, Kà, Michael Jackson ONE, Mystère, O.

Other shows of this type, combining dance, music and circus, exist, but Cirque du Soleil remains the benchmark. Be sure to get to the theater early, because before each show, a performer sets the mood with comical tricks.

Le Kà is the most viewed and highest-rated show. O and Mystère are a close second. The one with the most mixed reviews is New York, New York.

Location: The Mirage -(The Beatles Love), New York New York (Mad Apple), MGM Grand (Kà), Mandalay Bay (Michael Jackson ONE), Treasure Island (Mystère), Bellagio (O)

Price: approximately $70 to $300 (depending on the seat, show and date)

Our articles:

Official website:

Book your tickets with free cancellation on GetyourGuide :


2.      The concerts

There are two types of concerts in Las Vegas:

  • One-off concerts or concerts lasting only a few dates (e.g. stars coming to a nightclub or the T-Mobile Arena)
  • Residencies: a singer comes for a longer period (e.g. Céline Dion did so for a long time at Caesars Palace, John Legend more recently at Planet Hollywood).


3.      Magic shows

Magic lends itself very well to the world of Las Vegas. For a professional magician, having his show in the city is a mark of recognition.

A magician like David Copperfield is constantly in Las Vegas and even has his own venue at the MGM Grand. Opinions are mixed, however.

But you have other magic shows in Las Vegas. Lately, famous magicians have been appearing, such as :

  • Xavier Mortimer (The Strat Hotel)
  • Shin Lim (The Mirage)
  • Criss Angel Mindfreak (Planet Hollywood)
  • Pen & Teller (Rio)
  • Piff The Magic Dragon (Flamingo)


4.      Burlesque shows

Burlesque is an art form in its own right. Blending sexy, comedy and dance, burlesque shows are appreciated by all audiences. Las Vegas is probably the city that best showcases burlesque, even if the craze for this type of show is waning.

Numerous burlesque shows are available, with varying levels of eroticism and vulgarity to suit your tastes. Here are just a few examples:

  • X Burlesque (Flamingo)
  • Zombie Burlesque (Planet Hollywood)


5.      Comedy shows

Do you want to laugh all night long? America’s best comedians are coming to Las Vegas. Reserve your seats and you may see shows like:

  • Laugh Factory (Tropicana)
  • Menopause The Musical (Harrah’s)
  • Terry Fator (New York New York)
  • Mac King (Excalibur)


6.      Tournament of Kings at Excalibur Hotel Casino

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur Hotel Casino

Excalibur Hôtel is a hotel reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Every evening, a show takes place in one of its rooms. While you dine with your fingers on a meal worthy of the era, knights and other entertainments unfold before your very eyes. The reviews left on the Internet by visitors are very good. It’s an excellent activity to do with children.



Sports in Las Vegas

1.      Boxing or UFC events

For decades, Las Vegas has been the city of combat sports. For a long time, the city hosted the finest boxing matches. Today, while boxing is always present, it’s the UFC that attracts the most enthusiasts.

Many UFC events take place in Las Vegas. The biggest ones take place at the T-Mobile Arena, Mandalay Bay or the MGM Grand, while the others are in smaller hotels or at UFC Apex (located El Camino Road).

For the most eagerly awaited matches, ticket prices quickly climb to several hundred dollars. Smaller fights at the Apex are therefore preferable if your budget is limited.


2.      Las Vegas Raiders NFL games

Las Vegas Raiders NFL games

American soccer is America’s favorite sport. Every Sunday, the country goes wild for the games. Recently, the Raiders moved to Las Vegas. They play in the magnificent Allegiant Stadium.

Come early to enjoy the stadium’s surroundings. Bars, entertainment and stores all add to the pre-match atmosphere.

Location: Allegiant Stadium, at the rear of Mandalay Bay

Price: around $200/$350 for decent seats, but wide variations exist depending on the opponent and the stakes.

Official website:


3.      Las Vegas Knights NHL games

Las Vegas Knights NHL games

The Knights are the Las Vegas ice hockey team. In a magnificent 20,000-seat arena, you’ll discover the world’s best players.

The atmosphere is good, with a DJ, entertainment and a fantastic “pre-game show” with the arrival of the giant helmet on the ice, all accompanied by sound and light effects.

Location: T-Mobile Arena, perpendicular to the Strip between Park MGM Las Vegas and New York New York.

Price: around $150/$220 for decent seats, but wide variations exist depending on the opponent and the stakes.

Official website:


4.      Las Vegas Aces WNBA games

While there are no men’s NBA team in Las Vegas (the project is expected to see the light of day in the next few years), Las Vegas is already home to a women’s team.

Champions in 2020 and 2022, the players offer the very best of women’s basketball. They play in a 13,000-seat arena in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Location: Michelob Ultra Arena in Mandalay Bay

Official website:


5.      Nascar Races

Not very popular in Europe, Nascar races are adored in the United States. Drivers take all the risks on an oval track. For car enthusiasts, the discipline is a must-see.

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, circuit north-east of the city

Official website:


6.      Las Vegas Grand Prix – Formula 1

F1 is finally in Las Vegas. A 6 km course with sections on the Strip is likely to transform this race into a mythical stage of the championship, following in the footsteps of Monaco.

Location: tour of mythical hotels

Price: from $500 to $10,000

Official website:


7.      University sports

Las Vegas also boasts some excellent teams at its UNLV university. The most popular are

  • the men’s basketball team playing at the Thomas & Mack Center
  • and the men’s American soccer team playing at Allegiant Stadium.

But you also have other teams: baseball, soccer, softball…


Free discoveries in Las Vegas

1.      The Bellagio fountains

The Bellagio fountains have become the symbol of Las Vegas. Every day, these minute-long shows attract crowds of tourists. Water jets are a ballet while music plays.

Go when the sun is down. The lights make the show even more beautiful than during the day.


2.      The Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Volcano is a night-time show. In front of the hotel, a backdrop of rocks is set up. Every hour, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., it comes to life and you’re treated to a fire show. Large balls of fire shoot into the air.

It’s impressive, and if you’re close by, you can expect to feel the heat emanating from the fire. As space is limited, we advise you to arrive at least twenty minutes before the start to find a good seat.

Location: in front of The Mirage

Official website :


3.      Lake of Dreams

Every half-hour after sunset, a show brings Wynn to life. Accompanied by music, the show is a multimedia experience with images and other animations. All of this takes place in a magnificent setting, between pine trees and a large waterfall.

Location: Wynn Las Vegas

Official website:


4.      Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

This small, well-appointed park is located behind the Flamingo and covers an area of one hectare. It’s home to several species, including pink flamingos and turtles. It’s a verdant setting that offers a break from a day in Las Vegas. The visit is short, but don’t hesitate to sit back and enjoy the sights.

Location: Flamingo Las Vegas

Official website:


5.      Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

Take a photo of the mythical “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Park in the free parking lot next door or come on foot.

You can choose between taking quick photos, queuing up and taking a selfie right in front of the sign, or paying for a photo with a look-alike waiting in front of the sign.

Be careful in summer, though, as standing in the sun for long periods is not good for your body. A selfie in front of the sign is not worth the discomfort…

Location: on the Strip, a little further south than Mandalay Bay


6.      The Bellagio gardens

The fountains are Bellagio’s best-known attraction. But don’t overlook the hotel’s interior. Here you’ll find magnificent gardens. They are always in the colors of the season and regularly changed.

The tour lasts just 20 minutes, but it’s free.


7.      Miracles Miles Shop

Miracles Miles Shop

Shop in the Planet Hollywood shopping mall. On weekends, special effects recreate a natural disaster. It’s not the craziest attraction in Las Vegas, but if you’re passing by, stop in to see it.

Location: Planet Hollywood

Official website:


8.      Lucky Cat

Put the odds in your favor by checking out Lucky Cat. This large, modern cat sculpture is supposed to bring you good luck at the gaming tables.

Location: The Cosmopolitan


9.      The Fall of Atlantis

At weekends, in The Forum Shops at Caesars, there’s a recurring spectacle. For several minutes, the magnificent fountain at the end of the mall comes to life. Articulated characters act out a scene from the myth of Atlantis. Fire effects and water fountains make it a pleasure to watch.

Space is limited around the attraction. Arrive at least five minutes early to be well positioned. It’s best to be in front of the fountain.

Location: The Forum Shops at Caesars

Official website:


10.  Freemont Street Experience

Freemont Street Experience

Some tourists only like the big casinos on the Strip, while others are fans of Freemont Street. North of Las Vegas, this large, covered pedestrian street is in a class of its own. It hosts concerts and street performers, and in the evening, taboos evaporate. Less glamorous and more authentic, it’s a reminder that Las Vegas isn’t just for the rich.

During the day, it’s clearly boring. In the evening, partygoers love it. So go at night!

Location: north of Las Vegas

Official website:


11.  Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is a neighborhood rather than an attraction. It’s the original part of Las Vegas. It appears more authentic than the modern hotels. Freemont Street is part of this district.

Take your time to visit it, staying in the most touristy areas, because the further you go, the more likely you are to find yourself in unsafe areas.

A good idea might be to take a guided tour with a local to learn more about the history of these streets.

Location: north of Las Vegas


12.  Linq Promenade

Linq Promenade

Linq Promenade is an open-air shopping area next to The Linq Hotel. Clothes stores, bars, games, restaurants, many shops are open.

This is also where you can access the Las Vegas High Roller.

Location: next to The Linq Hotel, just past Flamingo Las Vegas

Official website:


13.  Outlets

Buy designer clothes at discounted prices in Las Vegas. Two shopping malls, to the south and north of the city, allow you to shop from dozens of brands: Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Nike, Hugo Boss, Timberland, Reebok…

Some offer great deals, others are less attractive.


  • Las Vegas Nord Premium Outlets – Grand Central Pkwy (near Freemont Street Experience)
  • Las Vegas South Premium Outlets – Las Vegas Boulevard (2 miles south of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign)

Our article:

Official website:


14.  Famous stores

In Las Vegas, the Strip is home to many of the world’s most famous and beloved gourmet brands. The three most famous that come to mind are M&M’s World and Coca-Cola Store (close to MGM Grand), and Hershey’s Chocolate World (in New York New York).

Go ahead, and we’ll say bravo if you don’t buy a $10 chocolate bar or some Coca goodies.


15.  Shopping centers

Shopping malls are real tourist attractions. Of course, you can go there, shop and leave with lots of clothes and accessories. But you can also visit them to enjoy the scenery without buying anything.

For example, Grand Canal Shoppes (The Venetian) is unique with its artificial canals right in the middle of the mall. As a Frenchman, I like the look of Paris Las Vegas, with fake cobblestones and a sky-painted ceiling.

The Caesars Palace shopping mall and Park MGM are also well placed on the Strip and well worth a visit.



Excursions from Las Vegas

1.      Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is a dam. Water from the dam supplies the water needs of Nevada and California. From Las Vegas, a short drive or bus ride awaits. The visit is better than you’d expect, thanks in particular to the Visitor Center, which, thanks to an elevator, takes you on a tour of the dam’s turbines and engines.

On the way, make a stop in Boulder City, a town that has preserved buildings dating from the dam’s construction.

Location: 40 miles and 40 minutes by car

Official website:

Book a guided tour with free cancellation on GetyourGuide


2.      Death Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley is the hottest place in the USA. In the middle of the desert, you’ll discover the wilderness. Rocks and sand as far as the eye can see await you. On the main road, several easy stops allow you to see landscapes that are more varied than you might think.

Don’t underestimate the effect of the heat in Death Valley. It doesn’t bear its name for anything!


3.      Grand Canyon

Several observation points are available. Skywalk is the closest and most touristy. But if you’re up for a longer walk, Grand Canyon South Rim offers more nature and unforgettable panoramas.

Several companies offer guided tours by bus, private car or even helicopter.


  • Grand Canyon West: 125 miles and 2 hours by car
  • Grand Canyon North & East Rim: 260 miles and 4.5 hours by car
  • Grand Canyon South Rim: 280 miles and 4.5 hours by car

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Official website:

Book a guided tour with free cancellation on GetyourGuide


4.      Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is in Arizona. The Colorado River forms an extraordinary curve here. From the top of the cliffs, you have a sublime view of the river and the rocks.

Location: 275 miles and 4h20 by car

Book a guided tour with free cancellation on GetyourGuide


5.      Antelope Canyon

Go to the ticket office that marks the entrance to the canyon and visit it accompanied by a guide. Both the Upper and Lower canyons can be visited. Each offers its own advantages: either a bird’s-eye view of the canyon, or a walk inside.

Location: 275 miles and 4h20 by car

Book a guided tour with free cancellation on GetyourGuide


6.      Red Rock Canyon

Very close to Las Vegas, this excursion is easily accomplished by car. Afterwards, you’re free to discover the fabulous red rocks from the car or – and we recommend it – via a short walk. Of course, don’t underestimate the heat in spring and summer.

Location: 18 miles and 20 minutes by car

Official website:

Book a guided tour with free cancellation on GetyourGuide


7.      Lake Mead

This large artificial lake is an oasis in the desert. Many locals visit Lake Mead for swimming and water sports.

With global warming, the water level has fallen sharply in recent years, but it’s still a wonderful place to discover close to Las Vegas.

In summer, expect a lot of visitors. Foreign tourists often stay in Las Vegas, but locals like to come to the Marina.

Location: 32 miles and 35 minutes by car

Official website:


8.      Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire

Less than an hour from Las Vegas, this natural park boasts sandstone rocks with surprising colors. Relatively small, it boasts a desert setting typical of the American West. A good place for a half-day visit.


9.      Zion and Bryce Canyon

Zion and Bryce Canyon

Las Vegas and the surrounding area are deserted. If you want more greenery, head for Utah. It’s an easy day trip. In Zion National Park, multiple forest trails await you, with natural pools and breathtaking waterfalls.

These two canyons are located just a few minutes apart.

Location: 160 miles and 2.5 hours by car

Official websites: – /


10.  Over the Strip

Instead of taking an excursion outside Las Vegas, organize one in the heart of the city!

Organize a helicopter flight over the Strip. Do it after dark and you’ll enjoy a view you’ll never forget. Several companies offer such flights. The most famous is Papillon.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to book a helicopter, rent a limousine or other unusual vehicle for a ride on the Strip. It won’t be as surprising, but as a couple or with friends, it’s still an entertaining experience.

11. … and why not Los Angeles!

los angeles santa monica

Los Angeles is not far from Las Vegas. Theoretically, a one-day trip is possible. However, a 10-hour drive (which doesn’t take into account traffic jams) for a sneak peek at such a large city would be very frustrating.

Rent a car or take a guide, and make your tour a two- or three-day affair. Guided tours featuring Hollywood and Santa Monica are available on GetyourGuide. This assures you of a guide who can take you directly to the main places of interest in Los Angeles.

Location: 290 miles and 4h40 by car (time to get to Santa Monica)


As a professional blogger, I take advantage of my flexible schedule to travel a lot. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!