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Are you planning to travel to Eastern France? Great idea! Eastern France, and Alsace in particular, has an impressive number of things to do.

In this article, I list 19 activities that will delight solo travelers, couples, friends or families!

Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

Address: 67600 Orschwiller, France

  • Medieval fortress dating from the 12th century.
  • Restored in the early 20th century by Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Guided tours are available in several languages.

Perched high in the Vosges mountains, Château Haut-Koenigsbourg is a journey back in time.

Built in the 12th century, modified in the 15th and then carefully restored in the early 20th, today it showcases medieval life and the defense strategy of a fortress.

You’ll love exploring the interior, before ending your visit to the ramparts. These offer a unique view of the Alsace plain.


The Unterlinden Museum

Unterlinden museum
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Address: Place Unterlinden, 68000 Colmar, France

  • Unique collections of works from the Middle Ages.
  • Presence of the famous Issenheim altarpiece.
  • Located in a former convent with a modern extension.

See price of a museum visit.

The Unterlinden Museum in Colmar is an original place. It is housed in a former convent. It is renowned for the presence of the Issenheim Altarpiece, a Renaissance masterpiece. The tour also includes other works from the Middle Ages.

The exhibition spaces, combining historic and contemporary architecture, create a unique atmosphere.

To find out more, read my article on the Unterlinden Museum.


Hohlandsbourg Castle

Hohlandsbourg Castle

Address: Route des Cinq Châteaux, 68920 Wintzenheim, France

  • Built in the 13th century and modified over the centuries.
  • Restorations have made the château accessible to the public.
  • Reconstruction of scenes from life in the Middle Ages.
  • Situated at an altitude of 620 meters, with a magnificent view over the Alsace plain.

Hohlandsbourg castle has dominated the Alsace plain for centuries. Its original construction dates back to 1279. Since then, it has held a special place in Alsace.

The size and condition of the ramparts are astonishing. They are magnificent.

Inside the château, you’ll discover the era of knights and lords. If you’re only familiar with the castles of the Loire Valley, you’ll be able to compare the differences and appreciate an architecture that is not identical. Aesthetic beauty gives way to practicality and protection.


Strasbourg Christmas market

Strasbourg Christmas market
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Address: Strasbourg city center, 67000 Strasbourg, France

  • Considered one of the oldest and biggest Christmas markets in Europe.
  • Runs from late November to late December.
  • Hundreds of chalets dotted around the town.
  • Discover local crafts and specialities.
  • The city lights up to create a magical atmosphere.

Strasbourg’s Christmas market is a European institution. Every year, it attracts an impressive number of tourists. Some travel hundreds of kilometers to attend the event.

Its unique atmosphere and the markets scattered throughout the city are an unforgettable festive experience. Only our German neighbors know how to make such beautiful Christmas markets.

Christmas decorations and lights, combined with the smell of mulled wine and gingerbread, are the perfect start to the festive season.


The Mulhouse Automobile Museum

Mulhouse Automobile Museum
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Address: 15 Rue de l’Épée, 68100 Mulhouse, France

  • One of the world’s largest collections of classic cars.
  • Over 400 vehicles of 100 different makes.
  • Cars presented in a setting reminiscent of the streets of different eras.

The Musée de l’Automobile in Mulhouse is a paradise for lovers of classic cars and automotive history. With its collection of several hundred cars, it traces the development of the motor vehicle from its earliest days.

The thematic presentation of the vehicles makes the visit even more captivating. It’s a much more pleasant experience than car museums in cold, poorly equipped hangars.


Monkey Mountain

Address: La Wick, 67600 Kintzheim, France

  • Over 200 free-ranging macaques in a forest park.
  • Walking trails in an unspoilt natural environment.

La Montagne des Singes is a unique place in France. As its name suggests, and unlike zoos with many animals, this park is a place to observe and interact with Barbary macaques.

In this natural and dedicated setting, you’ll discover monkeys in a whole new way. It’s an educational and entertaining outing, particularly popular with families.


Le Vaisseau in Strasbourg

Address: 1 Bis Rue Philippe Dollinger, 67100 Strasbourg, France

  • Science center designed specifically for children.
  • Over 130 activities that encourage discovery through play and experimentation.

Visit included in the practical City Pass.

Le Vaisseau is the ideal place to stimulate children’s curiosity. It is presented as an educational park with scientific and sensory trails.

With games, a garden, a pond and a lovely orchard, children can have fun and learn. In between cultural visits, it’s the perfect place to calm young children’s excitement.


Colmar Toy Museum

Address: 40 Rue Vauban, 68000 Colmar, France

  • Toys from the Roman period to the present day.
  • Classic toys, electric trains, dolls and retro video games.
  • Located in a renovated cinema dating from the 1900s.

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The Musée du Jouet in Colmar delights visitors of all ages with its extensive collections of old and new toys. Older visitors gaze nostalgically at the toys of their childhood, while younger ones simply daydream in front of the vast array of exhibits.

The museum even has a certain historical character, as it exhibits toys dating back to the Romans. It’s amazing to see how similar the amusements of the youngest are through the ages.


Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Silver Mines

Address: La Liepvrette, 68160 Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France

  • Former mines dating back to the 16th century.
  • Take an underground tour to discover the history of mining.
  • Helmet and coat provided for visits to cool, damp galleries.
  • Venue for exhibitions and trade shows, including the famous Salon Minéral & Gem.

The Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Silver Mines provide an opportunity to explore the region’s mining history.

This story is less well known than that of the miners of the North. Yet it is just as fascinating. Diving through the mines is a real experience. Then you’ll discover the mining techniques of yesteryear, the miners’ working conditions and geological information.

The visit is immersive and fascinating, thanks in particular to the authenticity and quality of conservation of the underground galleries.


The European Parliament

European Parliament strasbourg
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Address: Allée du Printemps, 67000 Strasbourg, France

  • One of the official seats of the European Parliament.
  • The Louise Weiss building is distinguished by its modern architecture.
  • Guided tours are available to the general public.
  • Understand the workings and importance of the European Union.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg is a powerful symbol of the European Union.  A visit to the Parliament offers a rare insight into the place where decisions are taken that influence the lives of hundreds of millions of European citizens.

In addition to this political interest, the visit is also an opportunity to see a building with surprising architecture.


La Schlucht

Address: Col de la Schlucht, 88400 Xonrupt-Longemer, France

  • Skiing in winter, hiking and mountain biking in summer.
  • Located in the Ballons des Vosges regional nature park.
  • Views of the ridges and valleys.

The Schlucht is an ideal starting point for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. In winter, it becomes a small ski area, and in summer, it’s popular for hiking and mountain biking.

It’s a great place to exercise and buy a few local souvenirs. In the resort and on the way, you’ll pass a number of souvenir stores and farms selling local produce.


The Butterfly Garden in Hunawihr

Address: Route de Ribeauvillé, 68150 Hunawihr, France

  • Tropical greenhouse home to hundreds of exotic butterflies.
  • Observatory to learn about the butterfly’s life cycle.
  • Tropical climate recreated with lush vegetation.
  • An ideal opportunity to photograph butterflies up close.

If you love butterflies, this is the place for you. The Butterfly Garden contains greenhouses housing hundreds of butterflies from Africa, Asia and America.

The best time to visit is outside peak season. With fewer visitors, you can escape through the colors of the butterflies. They swirl around you.


The Royal Palace in Kirrwiller

Address: 20 Rue de Hochfelden, 67330 Kirrwiller, France

  • One of France’s most prestigious music halls.
  • Varied shows with dancers, magicians, acrobats and singers.
  • On-site dining with elaborate menus.

The Royal Palace in Kirrwiller is a landmark of Alsace. It includes a party room, two restaurants and a beautiful theater. Here you can enjoy cabaret performances.

With friends, colleagues or as a couple, it’s an entertaining experience. While enjoying a fine meal, you can admire the prowess of the artists and dancers in a well-appointed setting. Reviews on the Internet are excellent.


La Volerie des Aigles in Kintzheim

Kintzheim castle

Address: Château de Kintzheim, 67600 Kintzheim, France

  • Flight demonstrations with birds of prey in the open air.
  • Located in the ruins of Kintzheim castle.
  • Opportunity to observe the birds up close and interact with the caretakers.

The Volerie des Aigles is an enjoyable outing. Located in the ruins of an ancient castle, you can admire birds of prey in full flight.

The demonstrations are a fascinating spectacle where you can appreciate the agility and power of these birds. The geography of the area provides an ideal setting for the eagles.


Strasbourg Planetarium

Address: 13 Rue de l’Observatoire, 67000 Strasbourg, France

  • State-of-the-art equipment for an immersive experience.
  • Programs designed for all levels of knowledge.
  • Attached to the University of Strasbourg and the Astronomical Observatory.

The Strasbourg Planetarium is located in the Neustadt district of Strasbourg.

Its 15-meter-diameter inclined screen allows 360-degree projections. It’s a real astronomical simulator where you can learn to see the universe differently. Learning goes hand in hand with pleasure.

Several shows are organized each year. They feature a range of immersive films.


Eco-museum d’Alsace in Ungersheim

Address: Chemin du Grosswald, 68190 Ungersheim, France

  • Reconstruction of a traditional Alsatian village with its craftsmen.
  • Discover the trades and traditions of yesteryear.
  • Participatory workshops, boat and cart rides.
  • Seasonal festivals and traditional markets throughout the year.

The Eco-museum d’Alsace is an open-air museum. Here you’ll find Alsatian buildings such as half-timbered houses, stores, fortified towers, a farm, a town hall… all built as they were in days gone by.

Your visit takes you back in time. You’ll find a large collection of objects from the everyday life of a 20th-century Alsatian village.


Strasbourg’s riverboat

riverboat strasbourg

Address: 18 Place de la Cathédrale, 67000 Strasbourg, France

  • Commented cruises on the Ill river to discover Strasbourg in a different way.
  • View of the European institutions, Petite France and the cathedral.
  • Tours lasting around 70 minutes.

Book your tickets at the best price.

A riverboat cruise in Strasbourg is an idyllic way to contemplate the city’s architectural beauty and charms from its tranquil waters.

For just over an hour, a guide enriches the tour with historical and cultural details. Sitting back in your seat, you listen as you observe the city’s most famous monuments.


Alsace wines

wine Eguisheim

Departure address: We recommend visiting the Alsace Wine Route, which stretches over 170 km.

  • Opportunities to taste local wines such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris.
  • Visits to winemakers to understand the winemaking process.
  • The route passes through typical Alsatian villages and hillside vineyards.

Take a tour of Alsace’s wineries.

The Alsace Wine Route is an enchanting escapade through picture-postcard landscapes. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a simple consumer, your adventure will introduce you to Alsace’s terroir.

Enjoy magnificent, natural landscapes, and stop off at wineries or estates for tastings of famous wines.


The Little Prince Park

Address: Parc du Petit Prince, 68190 Ungersheim, France

  • The world’s first aerial park, inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • Captive balloon rides, 4D cinema and a host of attractions.
  • Highlights the values of the famous tale, such as friendship and sharing.

See ticket prices.

Le Parc du Petit Prince is a park like no other. It’s not inspired by a place or a world, but by a book: The Little Prince. This mythical book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has inspired entire generations to dream. The story lends itself perfectly to the creation of an amusement park.

Even though the park is still small, young and old alike enjoy attractions such as the Flying Chairs, Trampoline Park, Snake, South Atlantic…

Several shows are organized throughout the day. Mascots roam the park, and a small area is home to farm animals.

If the park seems too childish for groups of adults, it’s ideal for families with young children.


Other things to do in Alsace

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the previous list, or do you still have room in your diary? Here’s a list of other interesting activities to discover in Alsace:

  • Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • The Alsatian Museum in Strasbourg
  • La Petite France in Strasbourg
  • Museum of the Œuvre Notre-Dame
  • The Palais Rohan in Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg’s Neustadt (German imperial quarter)
  • The Würth Museum in Erstein
  • The Folie Marco Museum in Barr
  • The Alsace-Moselle Memorial at Schirmeck
  • Fleckenstein Castle
  • Mulhouse Historical Museum
  • Parc de Wesserling – Textile Ecomuseum
  • The Humanist Library of Sélestat
  • Mutzig Fort
  • The Museum of the Battle of August 6, 1870 in Woerth
  • Lichtenberg Castle
  • The Bartholdi Museum in Colmar
  • Pfister House in Colmar
  • Landskron Castle
  • Kaysersberg Castle.


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