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Activity summary: Beauval now has gondolas. It’s an additional activity to discover in France’s best zoo. Unlimited access is included in the price of your ticket.

For a number of years now, the ZooParc de Beauval has had a line of gondolas flying over the zoo. This attraction gives you a different view of the animals, their habitats and the various parts of the park.

Find out all there is to know about the Beauval Park gondolas.

The Beauval Cloud: a real attraction

The gondola line is an attraction named by the park: the Beauval Cloud. You board the gondola at one of the park’s two stations and set off on a 40-meter journey above the ground.

During this journey, you can admire the animals and all the zoo facilities. It’s a welcome moment of peace and quiet on a day when you’re doing a lot of walking. Indeed, the zoo is so large that several hours of walking are required during a visit to Beauval Zoo.

nuage de beauval
The Nuage de Beauval has become one of the zoo’s most famous attractions.

To find out more about Beauval, please read our full article on the Beauval ZooPark.

There are a total of 24 8-seater cabins on this line. The route is 800 meters long. These cabins are eco-friendly, as they run on 100% electric power.

What’s more, they’re completely silent. In the cabin, you hear nothing, and the animals under your feet are not bothered by noise pollution.

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Are the Beauval gondolas chargeable?

review cable car beauval
Access to stations and gondolas is included in the ticket price. So there’s no extra charge.

No, there’s no extra charge to ride the gondola. You pay for your ticket at the park entrance, get in and then all the zoo’s shows and attractions are accessible. What’s more, the staff at the gondola station won’t check your ticket, and access is completely free.

When are the Beauval gondolas open?

When the park is open, so are the gondolas. On our last visit, we crossed less than an hour after the zoo opened.

Is it possible to take several gondola rides?

Yes. You’re not allowed to make a full circle in a row, i.e. go from station A to station B and back to station A without getting off.

road cable car beauval
Don’t hesitate to take both routes, as they offer two different views.

But you can take it once, wander around the area and take a gondola back to the starting point.

Who can ride the gondolas at Beauval Zoo?

The gondolas are suitable for everyone. They are large enough to accommodate strollers. There’s room for wheelchair users too.

By the way, when you’re in line, a faster lane is reserved for people with disabilities. At the far end, a ZooParc employee helps to place the wheelchair in the cabin. Another ZooParc employee is on hand at the arrival station to help you get off the train.

Do we have the right to choose who we ride with in the gondola?

Everyone wants to share an activity like this with friends and family. The cabins have a capacity of 8 people. So you can enjoy the attraction with family or friends.

On low-traffic days, staff take groups up alone and together. So Amélie and I were the only two in the gondola. It’s a very pleasant experience.

water cable car beauval
When the gondola is full, it becomes difficult to admire the area, as here with the sea lion pool.

In summer or on busy days, the number of visitors means you don’t have that freedom. For example, my sister and her two daughters were with another family in the gondola.

For 2 people, the gondola is spacious. With 6, it’s less so, and the attraction loses some of its charm.

Do we have to wait long to get on the gondola?

24 gondolas on an 800-meter route provide a good flow. Gondola departures and arrivals are constant.

cable cars beauval
The 24 gondolas reduce waiting times.

On our last two visits in February and March, the wait was less than two minutes. During the summer and on weekends from May onwards, this waiting time increases. But, rest assured, you won’t be queuing for an hour to take your Nuage de Beauval tour.

Where are the gondolas at Beauval Zoo?

ZooParc de Beauval has 2 gondola stations, located at either end of the zoo:

  • The elephant gondola station: close to elephants and pandas
  • Lion gondola station: close to the Equatorial Dome and lion territory.
station cable car beauval
This is the station next to the elephant pens.

How long does it take to cross the park by gondola?

The crossing is short. I haven’t timed it, but it takes less than 5 minutes.

Is the floor transparent or opaque?

1 in 3 cabins has a transparent floor. But you don’t choose which cabin you climb into.

floor cable car beauval
I prefer the transparent floors. They offer an amazing view of the zoo.

Having tried both versions, I prefer the transparent floor. It gives you a better view, but if you’re afraid of emptiness, the opaque floor is reassuring.

Are you afraid of heights in the gondolas?

If you’re panicked by heights, I’m afraid the Nuage de Beauval will be difficult for you. At its highest point, you’re 40 meters up in a transparent cabin.

On the other hand, if you’re not normally afraid of heights and heights, don’t worry. The crossing is slow and gentle, while the cabin moves very little.

What can you see on a gondola ride to Beauval?

It’s all there! This high up in the air, the view of the whole park is magnificent. You can even see beyond it. It’s a great way to see that there’s always new construction going on at Beauval.

Of course, the places you observe best are those beneath your feet during the crossing.

birds cable car beauval
On this trip, the bird show was underway right beneath our feet.

If you start your journey next to the Equatorial Dome, it begins with lion territory. To your left, you’ll discover the area reserved for bird shows.

cable car beauval dome
From the gondola, the view of the Equatorial Dome is magnificent.

Next, you’ll have a perfect view of the sea lion basins. The blue water immediately catches your eye. At about this point, you reach the highest point of the course. Then it’s back down to the monkey and elephant enclosures.

You can also admire the Equatorial Dome. You’ll appreciate the impressive dimensions of this construction.

These are the places I look at instinctively during the crossing. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to see a particular area, you can. Most of the zoo is visible from 40 meters above sea level. The only places you can’t see are because of the park’s vegetation.

Do I recommend taking the Beauval cable car?

It would be a real shame to visit Beauval Zoo without riding a gondola. When I visit Beauval, I often skip the shows because I don’t like waiting to see a sea lion jump through a hoop against a fish. But the Beauval Cloud, I do it every time.

To enjoy such a vantage point in such a large zoo, knowing that the landscape around the park is also lovely to admire, is a unique activity.

The quantity and diversity of the zoo’s animals, the quality of its habitats and its ability to offer something out of the ordinary are the reasons why I consider Beauval to be the best zoo I’ve ever visited!


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