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Looking for a good hotel for your next stay in Rome? I give you my feedback on the Amalfi hotel. We spent 6 nights there during our vacations in the Italian capital.

Let’s discover together this hotel, its prices and what we thought about it.

The Amalfi Hotel in Rome: important information

The location of the Amalfi hotel in Rome

Our main criterion for choosing our hotel in Rome was its location. Indeed, we wanted to be in the center of the city to be able to go to the majority of the attractions on foot. We also needed easy access to the train station (for arrival/departure) and to the metro for the more distant places to visit.

The Amalfi Hotel is located at half a mile from the Rome-Termini train station and the Vittorio Emmanuele subway station, and 0.8 mile from the Colosseum. It is very well located for a stay without the need for transportation.

amalfi hotel map
The Rome-Termini train station and the main sites to visit, circled here in red, are not far from the Amalfi Hotel.

The rooms of the Amalfi Hotel

The Amalfi hotel offers 6 types of rooms that can accommodate between 1 and 4 people. You have standard size rooms in Europe. The rooms are not very large, but this is still enough for a short stay.

Here are the different rooms available:

  • An economical Single room of 8 m², for one person
  • A Double room of 13 m², for 2 persons maximum
  • A small Double room of 10 m², for 2 people maximum
  • A Triple room of 18 m², for up to 3 people
  • One 18 m² Triple room with a balcony, for up to 3 people
  • A family room of 18 m², for up to 4 people

The price of the hotel Amalfi rooms

We were quickly attracted to this hotel because of its good value for money, which is apparent on the booking websites. The rates are indeed very good for a hotel located in the heart of Rome. Moreover, if you pay as much attention to the reviews as we do, it is one of the few hotels in Rome with very good ratings.

Prices change depending on the time of year, and even from one day to another. During the off-season it is easy to find nights at $80, during the rest of the year, prices are generally between $100 and $200.

We paid $178 per night in May with breakfast and tourist tax included (this tax costs $4/person/night).

I should mention that we had taken the breakfast when we booked online because it was cheap. Indeed, the supplement to include breakfast was $54 for our 6 nights, that is $4,50 per day and per person. At that price, you might as well do it.

Breakfast included

If the breakfast is not expensive, the choice offered by the Amalfi hotel is very satisfactory. It is a buffet offering both savory and sweet: cold cuts, cheese, scrambled eggs, pastries, jams, fresh fruit, etc. Hot and cold drinks are also available.

In terms of organization, there is only a small constraint. To manage the service in an optimal way, it was asked to specify each day, at the front desk, the time slot for our next breakfast (between 7a.m. and 10a.m.). This was not at all inconvenient for us because we planned our schedules according to our activities of the day anyway. But, if you want to sleep as long as possible without setting an alarm clock, it is frustrating.

Transportation around the Amalfi Hotel in Rome

As I mentioned earlier, we chose this hotel for its location. In fact, it is well served by public transportation:

  • Rome-Termini train station 10 minutes walk
  • The metro is 5 minutes walk
  • The bus in front of the hotel.

Our experience at the Amalfi Hotel in Rome

Description of our room

amalfi hotel room

We stayed in a standard double room of 13 m² in the Amalfi hotel. I won’t describe it all to you, but I will note the points that seem important to me.

As soon as we entered the hotel, we could see that the decoration was well done and worked with many frescoes and paintings. The rooms are also nice because the ceiling is itself painted.

amalfi hotel ceiling
All the frescoes in the rooms seem unique.

Concerning the bedding, our double bed was in fact made of two single beds stuck together and covered with a simple sheet. Without any fastening system or mattress topper, the space between the two mattresses was very wide, so everyone slept well on his side… Apart from that, the bed is basic, firm but comfortable.

amalfi hotel bed
The furniture is simple and of quality, everything was functional in our room.

The bathroom is functional. You don’t have to be too tall to be comfortable in the shower (Denis and his 6.3 ft tall confirms it) and a shelf is missing installing your toilet belongings. So, we used the bidet for that.

amalfi hotel shower

Our room was located on the 4th floor without an elevator. Some customers arrived on this floor sweating and completely out of breath. The noise of the street was a bit muffled; we could hear the car horns that are constant in the city.


The fact that we were on the street also allowed us to see the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggior located less than 0.1 mile away.

It is very pretty to observe at night.

The advantages

  • Ideal location (downtown, transportation)
  • Attractive rates
  • Cheap (and good) breakfast
  • Friendly and welcoming staff

The disadvantages

  • Small rooms
  • Twin beds without mattress topper
  • No elevator

To conclude, I would say that the Amalfi hotel left us a good general impression during our stay in Rome. The front desk staff is good, the comfort sufficient and the breakfast copious. For more reviews, check out the ratings on the booking sites.


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